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We've Got Topics Covered

All of your favorite topics are available in our tag map. Whether you're looking for a healthy recipe, a smart lifestyle article, or an inisghtful Q&A post, find it here.

  • How can I subscribe to a topic?

    From any tag page, click "Add to Home Screen" to subscribe to the tag. From then on, you'll see the tag's newest content in your home page.

  • How can I subscribe to a blogger?

    If you read a blog entry and really enjoy it, roll over the "Subscribe" box at the end of the entry. You can choose to "follow" bloggers and receive a notification each time they post, or you may add the blogger's newest content to your home screen. We also offer each user's blogs as an RSS feed, if that's your cup of tea.

  • How do I post a question on the network?

    Simply roll over the Creation Menu (Create) and choose "Ask New Question". Fill in all the required fields - title, body, category, and tags. Once done, give the question a once over to make sure that it is just the way you want it, when you are ready to submit the question, scroll down and hit the "Submit Your Topic!" button (there is a check box located just above the submit button that needs to be clicked if you would like to remain anonymous).

Reward Yourself

SmartPoints are our way of rewarding your efforts on the Smart Living Network. SmartPoints are redeemable for money off items in the SMARket.

  • How can I redeem my SmartPoints?

    The option to use your SmartPoints will come after you have selected the item(s) of your choice during the SMARket checkout process. Each SmartPoint is worth 1 U.S. cent toward your purchase. You may also redeem your SmartPoints on select Smart Living Network partners, such as HelloLife®.

  • How can I earn more SmartPoints?

    There are TONS of ways to earn SmartPoints! For a complete list, click HERE.

  • Can I share my SmartPoints?

    No. While we appreciate the thought, sharing SmartPoints is against our Terms of Use.

  • Can I get money for my SmartPoints?

    No. SmartPoints are not redeemable for money.

See What We Have Cooking

If something smells good, it's probably coming from our recipe archive. Share your favorites with the community and help fine-tune others' culinary creations.

  • How do I write a recipe?

    Simply roll over the Creation Menu (Create) and choose "Write New Recipe." From there, fill out the form fields using the guides given.

  • Can I make a note on a recipe to remember later?

    Yes! From that recipe's page, fill in the note panel next to the cook's bio. You can choose to pair the note with a specific step of the recipe, plus decide if it's a tip that you want to share with the world, or just a private note for you.

  • What if I'm having a party and need a ton of food?

    Our recipe pages have a scaling feature that should help you with scaling up (or down) to larger (or smaller) versions of recipes. It's not perfect though, so if you spot something that doesn't look right, let us know through our feedback form.

Your Unique Experience

Customize your home page by subscribing to the people and topics that matter to you. Breathe life into your profile with a profile photo and a short bio.

  • How can I upload/change my profile picture?

    Simply roll over your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of the page. In the menu that appears, click the larger profile picture with the "Change Photo" text.

  • It says "Image too big." What size is OK?

    Anything over 2MB will be too large. Only .jpg, .png and .gif are acceptable photo types.

  • How can I change my privacy settings?

    Simply roll over your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of the page. In the menu that appears, choose "Settings" and you will be brought to your settings page. Choose the settings you want and click update.

  • Can I use a nickname instead of my real name?

    Yep! In your account settings there are options to tailor your name to display however you like it. We just like to have your real name on file for when you place orders in the SMARket.

Achieve Greatness

Earn colorful badges through your accomplishments on the network. Make your own custom goals to form a personal roadmap for success.

  • How do I set a goal for myself?

    Simply roll over the Creation Menu (Create) and choose "Set New Goal". Fill in all the required fields or use one of the several quick goal options available, if you're looking for some ideas to start with.

  • When will I earn or upgrade my badges?

    Click the Smart Living Network logo to return to your customized home page, and scroll down. Near the bottom, you will find the five core badge types with their requirements for unlocking a new level.

Create Your Story

Blogging, asking questions, shouting to friends, and sharing recipes; become the success story and inspire others to Live Smart too!

  • How do I create a new blog?

    Simply roll over the Creation Menu (Create) and choose "Write New Blog".

    Fill in all the required fields: title, body, excerpt, etc. Then give your blog entry a quick proofread and click the "Post Your Blog!" button.

  • I made a mistake. Can I edit my blog?

    Yes, you can! Click on the pencil icon at the top of your entry and you will be taken into the blog editor.

  • How do I edit my "Meet the Author" info?

    Your "Meet the Author" information found in your blogs is the same as your "About You" information found on your profile page. If you change one, you change the other. If you would like to change the information, refer to "How can I create/change my 'About You' information box?"

  • Can I delete my blog?

    Yes, you can. If you are sure you would like to delete and not just edit a blog, go to your Blog Center, find the blog and click the gray "X" to the right of the blog picture.

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