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What is HCG? and does it really work?  — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 21, 2011 at 11:20 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

What is HCG? and does it really work?


As owners of a health promoting wellness center, one of the questions we get asked more often than not is, "do you guys have anything for weight loss?"  I always reply, well, detox is a key, integral part of weight loss and we certainly have many ways to detox for our clients but I am and always have been against any product claiming to make you lose weight. I believe that a healthy weight comes with a healthy lifestyle. Its actually quite simple. The weight loss indusrty would have you believe a magic pill or shake or program will do the trick minus the time consuming exercise and healthy, bad tasting food. Americans spend over $40 billion a year on weight loss products promising results with little or none of the results claimed. Law suits are filed against companies all the time because of this.  These claims from the weight loss industry that it can be achieved by just simply taking their product and doing nothing else is the very reason why HCG has been swept to the side and why it is the best kept secret for a healthy jump towards healthy weight management. It is inexpensive and it is simple to do and it works. Many companies have jumped on the band wagon and will tell you a similar sales pitch and than hit you with a hefty price tag for their HCG formula. 

We are facing an epidemic of unhealthy, overweight, toxic citizens in this country with rising health care costs and no end in sight. Now, I was never a fan of selling or promoting any weight loss product untill I was introduced to the HCG program. Now before I go into what it is and how it works I will tell you, as a nutrition student and a firm believer in healthy lifestyle choices I DO NOT, I repeat DO Not promote this program as your only means to weight loss. It will definitely allow you to drop weight but it is only to be used as a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle. My fiance decided to try it after  hearing and seeing so many success stories. So my experiences were real life, not fake, infomercials with skinny actors making false promises and costing you a whole lot of money.  This program did not leave her hungry or weak, she had no cravings for sugar and she has a sweet tooth like all of us do, and she dropped a pound a day just as the literature states. 

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. And yes it does work to your benefit. HCG is a hormone detected in the female when she is pregnant. It is not a sex hormone however, meaning it works the same in females and males. The HCG hormone is triggered to move reserve fat through the blood stream to the growing fetus. So, it is taken orally under the tongue and the reserve fat is moved through your blood stream and flushed out of the body. Now, you will learn more details about the science behind HCG and the three different kinds of fats in the body but this is the basic idea of how one taking HCG drops is able to take off weight quickly and safely. Our HCG also contains proper amino acids necesasry for tissue regrowth and proper health. So, lets recap here, you are being properly nourished, you do have to follow a restrictive calorie diet but you are eating a balanced array of foods so you are never hungry or weak, and you do not crave sugar.  The typical results are loss of 1 pound a day.  This is what I have been consistently seeing and this is what the literature states. 

 Now, you may be reading this and you may be thinking like I was, Why havn't I heard about this before? The HCG program is more than 50 years old and was developed by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.  You havn't  heard of it because it was simply swept to the side and just now starting to re-surface. It is inexpensive although some comapnies trying to capitalize on your desire to lose weight will make it expensive.  It is also like many homeopathic or alternative health practices, highly controversial because traditional western medicine does not understand or believe in it.  This is the same establishment that says GMO's are just as healthy for you as naturally grown foods and that diet soda is ok too. Well, many of us would disagree. Again, we never ever get behind any product if we do not believe in its benefits. HCG works and we are promoting it as a healthy stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle change.  That means eating a balanced diet of healthy fats, healthy carbs(fruits and veggies), proteins and whole grains and fiber with moderate exercise.  Healthy weight management is not difficult. Do not believe the billion dollar weight loss companies. Stop making their pockets fatter and you fatter at the same time. 

We all are tired of hearing about new weight loss products on the market. The purpose of this email is to inform you and make you aware there is a solution to that stubborn fat reserve you have been holding onto with no luck of descreasing.  HCG is NOT the ultimate end to excessive fat and weight gain. Is is merely the key to unlock the door to a healthier you. It is like I said before a stepping stone. Now it does take preparation and mental preparation and support. We do provide this as well as coaching free of charge. It has always been said to me that the best advertisement comes from personal referrals and I have found that to be true.  That is exactly what this blog is. It is not another weight loss sales pitch but it is a personal referral.  With anything, you want to dig deeper and eduacate yourself. After research is done, personal experience is required. As I experienced both before recommending this particular product I continue to share information.  Like many natural or homeopathic programs there was many negative reactions or information I came across while doing my research. I decided to read the manuscript by the creator of using HCG as a weight loss program, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.  This pulled it all together for me as you too will probably find. You may request Dr. Simeons' manuscript by sending an email to:

Here is a link where you can get a free e book and learn more: Get Your free HCG e book here

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