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A Few Tips to Avoid Overeating

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Knowing When to Say "When"

Whether it's the variety of foods over the holidays, or just a few appealing meal opportunities, it is easy to overeat. There are other factors to consider as well. People overeat for a variety of reasons. Whether it is stress, depression, boredom, socializing, or even for reasons as simple as the food being delicious, or "just because it's there," people sometimes go past their limits. When these times happen, it is important to maintain self control and keep a fine balance between receiving the required dietary intake and overindulgence.

Tips for Proper Portions

These are a few simple tips that can help with maintaining a healthier diet while controlling portions.

  • For a large leftover portion, break down the remaining food into separate individual sized meal containers
  • Eating small portions of salad can help to satisfy hunger soon, and provide instant energy.
  • It is easier to watch limits by portioning out custom bags of snacks than it is to directly eat out of the original "Family Size" bag.
  • Making and eating smaller meals throughout the day can help blood sugar stay normal.
  • Don't keep meal portions "family style" that allow the option to go back to a dish or pots for a second portion.
  • Try making meat the secondary entree, focusing on vegetables and grains for the primary source of food.
  • Part of a lunch or a mid-day meal can also work as being part of dinner.
  • Due to the smaller portions of a "Kid's Meal," a person can save money and is better able to control portions.
  • With time, a person can learn to manage and serve a proper meal size simply by looking at the portion to see if it is the appropriate size.
  • Having a "forbidden" snack is okay every so often and it keeps a person from feeling deprived from missing a favorite treat.

Handling During the Holiday

The holidays can be the worst time to maintain a diet due to food being so readily available. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines to help a person stay fit during the season.

  • At parties, bring hors d'oeuvres, such as vegetables or steamed shrimp. This makes sure that there is at least one option to eat.
  • If going to the "big holiday lunch" with work or friends, eat a small dinner the night before to balance out a larger meal.
  • Eat before shopping. It avoids temptations in the malls.
  • Don't let holiday stress push into eating more. Plan ways to make the holidays less frantic.
  • Eat a small, healthy meal before attending a party.
  • If near a buffet meal setting, filling up on fruits and vegetables, and only tiny portions of favorite meals.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Make substitutions with favorite holiday dishes. Replace butters and creams with low calorie options.
  • Make steamed vegetables a part of the holiday meals.
  • Keep away from the leftovers.

It's All About Self-Control

By creating strategies for any time of the year, people can find a maintainable balance between eating good and eating healthy.


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