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Top 5 Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery


Weight loss surgery can give you the opportunity to get your life back. Gastric sleeve surgery is used in lieu of gastric bypass surgery. It reduces appetite and stomach size without malabsorbtion or other complications found in gastric bypass. Additionally, there are notable benefits of advanced gastric sleeve surgery.

1.       Rapid Weight Loss

You can expect to lose about 65 percent of excess weight in the first one or two years after surgery. Your stomach will be reduced to the size of a small banana. Additionally, part of the stomach will be removed where hormones that trigger hunger originate from. Aside from quick results, rapid weight loss can help you fight other medical condition directly related to obesity and mitigate risk of harm caused by keeping excess weight on.

2.       No Implants or Maintenance

Other types of weight loss surgery such as Lapband surgery involve the placement of a foreign body inside your abdomen. There is a chance your body could reject the medical device, and you could need additional emergency surgeries to address the situation. Additionally, different types of implants require regular maintenance. Surgery typically is not fun, and it can be highly beneficial to only need one weight loss surgery in your lifetime.

3.       Fewer Doctor’s Visits After Surgery

Lapband surgery requires more postoperative visits than gastric sleeve surgery. You probably want to get your surgery, recover, and enjoy your new life as soon as possible. Gastric sleeve surgery does not have the same risks as Lapband surgery.

4.       Low Chances of Malabsorption

The chances of suffering from nutritional deficiencies after gastric sleeve surgery are low. You do not have to worry as much about selecting a careful diet and taking enough supplements to stay healthy. A long-term weight loss solution should help you, not harm you. After all, you do not only want to eliminate excess weight. You also want to eliminate health risks.

5.       Elimination of Ghrelin and Reduction of Hunger

Gastric sleeve surgery will remove the part of your stomach that produces ghrelin, the hormone that promotes hunger. You can feel better and experience better health without feeling fatigued or hungry due to the surgery. After recovery, you can focus on new, exciting things instead of addressing ongoing maintenance or continually feeling uncomfortable.

Start a New Life With Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Take your life back by getting your weight under control. Take pressure off your joints, and do something good for your heart. Looking better is only one benefit of weight loss surgery. In the long-term, you can experience a higher quality of living.

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