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December 4, 2007 at 1:27 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Top 10 Diet Myths: Myth 9, If You Quit Smoking, You Will Gain Weight

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If you are considering giving up smoking, your decision may be put off if not discarded altogether because of the fear you will pack on the pounds once you lay that cigarette down. An additive in cigarettes, nicotine, can speed up your metabolism while doing damaging things to your body. Once the nicotine is out of your system, your metabolism will normalize, and many fear you will start to gain weight. I am here to tell you weight gain is NOT inevitable if you want to stop smoking! Use exercise as your tool to slim down and become even healthier.

Quitting Without Gaining

People eat more after quitting for several reasons. For one, your metabolism slightly slows as mentioned above. Another reason is because the smoker has less to do, so instead of smoking they choose to eat. Many smokers have or develop a sort of oral fixation, so when the cigarettes are gone they still need to do something with their mouths. This can be chewing gum, but all too often it is eating food. Not only that, when you stop smoking food will start to taste BETTER, and some will eat more because of it.

You HAVE to Exercise!

Even if you don't smoke, exercising is such a needed activity for your overall well being. In studies, smokers who have added exercise to their life not only trimmed up, they also successfully quit smoking. Exercising or staying physically active is great for so many reasons. It can reduce stress and put you in a better mood. Nicotine cravings can also be reduced with exercise! Adding exercise will reaffirm your commitment to quit smoking and make you feel better in ALL aspects of your life.

Exercise Can Nix Those Cravings!

Whenever you feel a craving creeping up on you, jumping into some physical activity can help you to fight the urge. Take a walk, jog, or try some yoga moves. This will take your mind of wanting a cigarette and increase blood flow to alleviate cravings.

What You Eat Is Crucial!

Avoid sweets and fatty foods whenever you feel like you need something in your mouth. Try sucking on a cigarette, chewing, gum or drinking water. If you satisfy your cravings with fatty foods, you will gain weight - just like ANYONE ELSE.

You need to prepare yourself for when you quit smoking. Have healthy snacks available. Make a list of all the things you can do when a craving strikes. (Anything to take your mind off it is great like cleaning the house, reorganizing something, paying bills, walking your dog, etc.) If you plan to quit and begin to exercise, you will greatly reap the benefits.

Your new healthy life will increase how long you live, keep your body healthy and you will also feel great when you are in shape and fit. Let's continue to find out why even if you order chicken, fast food ISN"T healthy!

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