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October 30, 2007 at 1:54 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Top 10 Diet Myths: Myth 4, Having a Slow Metabolism Prevents Weight Loss

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Dieters who struggle to lose weight on a consistent basis tend to blame underactive metabolisms. Rarely will a slow metabolism be the only reason for inability to lose weight. Many dispirited exercisers blame their metabolisms, but when speaking scientifically, a heavier person will have a higher metabolism. Basal metabolism is the amount of calories you burn to keep your body functioning properly. People who are heavier have a higher basal metabolism because, if your body is bigger, it is going to take more calories to keep it going. Metabolism will naturally slow down by one or two percent for every ten year period after you reach age thirty, increasing activity will counteract this decrease.

How to Increase Your Metabolism!

DON"T Skip Breakfast!

Your body has already gone hours without food and that is NOT good for your metabolism. Choose something healthy like fruit or yogurt. You don't have to eat a lot in the mornings (in fact, it is better if you don't). The amount you eat should be enough to tide you over until it is time for your next meal. It will also decrease the chances that you will overeat later in the day due to sheer hunger.


Eating healthy won't only increase your metabolism; your energy level will skyrocket too! Eating healthy doesn't mean you have to eat like a rabbit, it just means eating things in the correct proportions. Beans, vegetables and whole grains are great for your body because of the high protein content. Fruits and nuts are also great choices.

Portion Control!

Here is a fun fact: from the time food hits your stomach it takes the brain fifteen minutes to receive the signal. That means within the first 15 minutes of any meal, you may still feel hungry. You may not realize you have eaten too much until it is too late. Taking bites every two to three minutes will help you keep the control, and you will be more satisfied and have less weight gain to worry about! Doctors recommend small meals every two to three hours. This keeps your metabolism working as your food is digesting which will automatically strengthen and increase it.


Try and stand instead of sit when you can, and just keep moving in general. As we get older, we move less (statistically speaking), so any chance you get to walk, jog or go up and down a flight of stairs is a chance you should take.

Go to SLEEP!

Short spurts of sleep or irregular sleep patterns can rob you of a high metabolism. Lack of sleep means less time for your body to burn calories and perform basic bodily needs like pumping blood or repairing tissue. When your body is at rest it burns a LOT of calories-about 73% of daily calories. You can use these tips to increase your metabolism, but don't forget to eat right and exercise.

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