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Starving!!! — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 6, 2012 at 12:46 PMComments: 5 Faves: 0



I keep items at work so I can eat breakfast and lunch there.  I've done fruit and yogurt, frozen meals, and now I'm on a fruit smoothie kick.  It doesn't matter what I do, meaning, all of that stuff I mentioned is perfectly fine.  I'm okay at work.  It does the trick to keep me going.  But as soon as I get home...I'm STARVING and craving something warm that needs to be chewed.

I don't want to keep snacks at work (cheese, almonds, PB), because I KNOW I will eat it all in one sitting.  So I just stick to what works in regards to a meal.  In my mind, I'm not completely depriving myself all day long.  I think I'm eating somewhat healthy, with the fruit and soy or whey protein and flax-seed milk smoothies.  The calories tell me I'm not depriving myself.  So what should I do to help curb my hunger?


  • Filling up on water and flavorful tea has been helping me a bunch, Kimberly. But I totally know how you feel with bringing snacks to work.

  • Great question! I agree with Dave - if you're not doing so already, it's a good idea to stay hydrated with water or herbal tea. I've heard that sometimes our bodies can mistake thirst for hunger, causing us to pile on extra calories when in reality we're just thirsty.

    What kinds of things do you usually eat when you get home? Maybe all you need is some recipe inspiration :)

  • Thanks guys! I too have heard that about water and mistaking thirst for hunger. I've been pretty bad lately re: keeping hydrated. But yes, there are times when I'm good and do drink water at work and sip on tea as well. As for when I get home and what I eat. Well, it can be anything from steak and veggies to PB sandwiches to chili and cornbread.

  • Laura: I can't seem to post on my own wall in response to your question for me re: EnergyFirst. So I'll type my response here.

    They sell whey protein powder and other things for making smoothies for meal replacements or for post-workout. The Greenergy is a green power you mix with water or juice and it's supposed to be like eating 5 servings of veggies in one sitting. It not a strong taste, but it's just gross enough to not want to drink a full cup.

  • Kim -

    I know exactly what you mean! Availability is my downfall.

    At work, I have more control over the food and drinks I have to choose from. I eat almost exclusively fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. I drink tea or plain black coffee. At home however, not everyone wants to eat healthy all the time so there's snacks and junk food around. When I get home and I'm hungry for dinner, it's the hardest to stick to a healthy diet. I want whatever is readily available for eating.

    It's hard, but one thing I've personally found helpful is to grab a grapefruit when I'm hungry and I often eat a half a grapefruit after a meal as well. I've found I don't need to eat as much to fill me up when I eat a half before a meal and if I'm still hungry after a meal and I eat one, it helps give my brain (which has trouble kicking out of "hunger mode" once I've started eating) some time catch up with stomach.

    I reason with my cravings that if I'm not hungry enough to eat a fruit or veggie, I'm not really hungry. I'm bored. :)

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