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May 29, 2012 at 2:15 PMComments: 4 Faves: 0


By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

So, as I was sitting in my little comfy cube of video editing awesomeness, learning all about the new features of Final Cut Pro X from a SUPER BORING British guy and sipping my delicious lo-carb energy drink, I had AN INQUIRY!! I get these very frequently! Today I wondered what the relationship between eating, sleeping, and exercise was and how it all related to overall fitness and health. SO, for the benefit of all the HelloLifers and myself, I did some research!

Crappy Sleep and Your Waistline

I always knew there was some kind of link to having a horrible night's rest and gaining weight. I always thought your body was just in a panicky fat-gain mode and freaked out or something, I guess? In my head, everything in your body is run by little guys in a giant city, and all the citizens of the city (that is your body, hahaa) were stocking up on resources because something TERRIBLE was about to happen!  Childish cartoon metaphors aside, there IS a connection between lack of sleep and weight gain, but it's a bit simpler than I thought.

In this WebMD blog it talks about a vicious cycle (of doom) that is destroying your life. Simply put, when you are tired during the day, the average american will reach for their insanely sugary caffeine drinks and high-in-fat doughnuts to give them that "BOOST" they need to make it through the day. So, there's the most basic connection between them. When we're tired, our remedies to the situation typically are unhealthy. What we need in reality is sleep. As the day drags on and we wire our bodies with horrible-laced foods, we eventually go to bed. Here comes problem DOS!! After all that stimulation with crappy food, we're all wound up and can't fall asleep. This is the part where the vicious cycle repeats itself (in case you were wondering).

A question posed on mayoclinic brings out a similar point as the Web MD post. Dr. Donald Hensrud mentioned that two hormones called ghrelin and leptin can get jacked up if you have a consistently poor sleep schedule. It's interesting to note that a poor sleep schedule can be characterized by not enough sleep (less than 6 hours), too much sleep (9+ hours), or poor sleep quality. Ghrelin is the hormone that, among other things, makes you feel hungry. When we're sleep deprived, we experience unusually high amounts of ghrelin. To make matters worse, a sleep deprived individual will also experience noticeably lower amounts of leptin, which is what makes you feel full. Cue vicious sub-cycle.


Prevention of this vicious cycle is pretty simple to point out, but I'll tell you anyway! Really it just comes down  to being responsible for your own health. Sometimes, I find myself editing videos well into the morning. The obvious choice would be to save it for the next day if it weren't for those cursed deadlines! Our next top tip is rather simple as well: don't eat crappy food. So, when we inevitably don't sleep and find ourselves scrounging for energy, turn to some awesome almonds or something, not a Ho Ho. 

Also! EXERCISE! If you can only exercise before bed, that's better than not exercising at all! Just get it done. After learning these things, you can go live and be skinny and trendy and get 8 hours of sleep EVERY NIGHT! Best blogger ever, I know :D!

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  • I find it hilarious that you are drinking the very problem that you are fighting against in this blog. Sure, it may not have the sugar content, but it is still forcing yourself awake when your body wants to be sleeping. Shouldn't you not be doing that, according to this article?

  • Ha, Ha, Rex is so right! Get off those intoxicated drinks! Water is your best friend!

  • His body only want to be sleepy because he's at a sedentary job (video editing). We're not built to sit on our butts all day, so we're screwed up anyway. Important thing I take from this is to make sure we're not kept awake at night.

  • Water IS my best friend.....mostly because it is the main component of monster. And Rex I agree, if I had issues sleeping at night, I would definitely curb the caffeine. BUT! I don't! MUHAHAHHAHA! *chugs monster*

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