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August 15, 2008 at 1:54 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Simple and Easy Changes to Cut Excess Calories

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Cutting calories from your diet requires a critical eye and serious determination. Assuming the goal of cutting calories is to lose weight or at least prevent further weight gain, it's important to be sure to exercise as well.

Cut Excess Calories

What's the easiest way to cut excess calories? Count them. Track your calorie intake even for a day. You may be surprised at just how much you eat. All packaged foods have calorie content and other nutritional information. If you order out, it's possible to track the nutritional info down. Subway offers nutrition information online, as do many coffee shops. Once you see just how many calories you consume, you can pinpoint where to cut back.

Budget Your Calories

Just like when we trim our budgets down to save money, we can trim calories the same way. While that daily latte is emptying out your wallet, it's also destroying your diet. Consider making it a weekly treat, and saving yourself all the money as well. When you do get that latte, be sure to choose low fat or skim milk, and skip the whip.

Empty Calories

Before you put anything into your mouth, consider its nutritional potential. Keep empty calories away from your mouth. Skip the soda (even diet), flavored coffees, candy, etc, which are all delicious, it's true, but they also have no nutritional value whatsoever. Make the food you eat work for your body. Skip the chips (even the whole grain, baked kind) and opt for fresh veggies instead.

Know Your Numbers

Plan to cut 50 to 100 calories each day to prevent weight gain. If you plan to lose weight, try to cut at least 500 daily. You can do that by cutting 250 calories and burning the rest off through exercise. Whatever your goal, physical activity is important for your body and mind; try to be active at least three to five days a week.

Cut Fat

This is an obvious statement, but even low fat products can contain a fair amount of fat. And watch out for low fat or fat free products; often they contain other ingredients that are just as bad for you, especially sugar, to improve taste. Skip the fat-free ranch dressing and make your own. Put some olive oil (a healthy fat) in a jar along with flavored vinegar (apple cider, red wine or balsamic). Add a spoon of mustard and a squeeze of honey and shake it up until blended. This is a tasty and super easy salad dressing to make. Skip the oil entirely and add some water to thin out the vinegar for a fat-free version. Most importantly, just be smart about what you eat. It's easy to give in to food cravings, and we need to do that once in a while. But try your best to surround yourself with good, healthy foods. Get creative and learn to cook your own low fat version of your favorite dish. Just as with budgeting, every little bit counts.


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