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Naturally Control Hunger & Lose Weight — an article on the Smart Living Network
January 12, 2009 at 9:47 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Naturally Control Hunger & Lose Weight


An interesting take on the common dieting dilemma is to get back in touch with feelings of satiety, that state of satisfaction that follows a great meal. There are ways you can make your diet work for you and still fill you up and make you feel satisfied. Different foods have different lasting power; choosing the right ones will help you stick to your diet and not starve while doing so.

Eat Smart

Make the most of the foods you eat. Eat bulkier foods that are lower in calories like fruits and vegetables; you can eat more of these foods because they are so good for you and are fat and cholesterol free. You have to work for your vegetables too, as they usually take longer to chew. Focus on meeting these categories:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Lean protein
  • Whole grains

Fruits and Vegetables

Make fruits and vegetables the majority of your meal, since they have no cholesterol and are low in calories. They have plenty of fiber and bulk as well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Try and include a variety of vegetables and fruits in each meal. If you love pasta, try cooking extra veggies into your sauce. The same goes for soups, salads, casseroles, etc. Pack those veggies in wherever you can.

Lean Protein

Protein is possibly one of the most important aspects of any diet. If you're working out regularly, protein will keep your muscles fueled and strong. It also fills you up and keeps you full better than any other food source. The only catch here is that protein should be low fat as much as possible. And, since meat can be high in cholesterol, you need to choose your protein sources wisely. Opt for skinless chicken or poultry, fatty fish (has good fats), nuts, low fat dairy, lean meats, and beans.

Whole Grains

While carbohydrates have incurred a bad reputation these days, they are very beneficial to a diet if chosen wisely. Skip the refined, white carbohydrates as they are high in sugar and fats. Instead opt for whole grain products which have all the fiber, protein and antioxidants missing in white grains. Whole grains, or complex carbohydrates, have bulky fiber which takes much longer to be digested in the system. This means whole grains stay with us longer and don't give us a sugar rush, which always makes us want more.

Eat Slowly

The other trick here is to change your eating habits. Don't eat in the car, in front of the TV, or at your desk. Instead, sit down with your meal and focus on it. Try to take at least 20 minutes to eat, and even more is better. Really taste your food by chewing slowly and pausing between bites. This allows your brain to catch up with your stomach, triggering the release of those hormones that make you feel satisfied. And, combined with the power of long lasting foods, you appetite will have been met.


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