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Mediterranean Diet: Learn the Wonders of this Diet

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The Mediterranean Diet is considered to be a lifelong living style which is based on the traditional foods eaten by people inhabiting in the Mediterranean region. It is a modern nutritional recommendation that emerges from the traditional way of dietary patterns. This diet is free and the only money you can spend is your own investment in buying fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods. Many people find the best diets the healthiest in the world for it doesn’t endanger the dieter’s health with urgent weight loss and it is said to be the best way to keep your body in shape with your body organs working perfectly. Not only that, this method is also a way to prevent certain health disorders.  

Diet Expectations

The diet can provide all needed minerals and nutrients that the body needs for a stable health and balanced nutrition. Studies shows evidence that the diet has the strongest beneficial health effects and decreased mortality.

The diet can also make certain that the intake of antioxidants and anti-aging properties are fulfilled. People bound to the diet also reduce the risk of heart disease and most of them have high rates of life expectancy and better quality of life.  

The diet is a vice-versa process. Choose foods that are less in calories to reduce weight or to choose foods that are rich in calories to gain weight.

People who are on the process of the diet less likely develop depression.

Suggested Foods

Base every meal with fruits, vegetables, grains (mostly whole grains), olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes, seeds, herbs and spices. These foods are from plant sources that plays the biggest portion in the diet plan. Fruits and vegetables should be minimally processed and it is best to purchase them when they are in season. Fruit salads are preferable to have variety of healthy fruits. In selecting vegetables, prefer green leafy vegetables than light green because it has lots of vitamin C and beta carotene and if possible, try to eat them raw and if ever cooked, don’t overcook. Grains especially whole grains were high in fiber and low in fat that helps to pull out impurities from the digestive tract of the body and also boast low glycemic indexes that help keep blood sugar even.

Olive oil is considered to be the healthy fat in the diet plan that can actually help lower harmful cholesterol. Nuts are capable of managing metabolic abnormalities to lower the risk of heart disease. Legumes are great sources of protein and fiber. Seeds especially sesame seeds contain many nutrients like iron, vitamin B1, phosphorus, and fiber that give many health benefits. Herbs and spices were important for their strong health-promoting benefits and are important contributors to the flavor profile of the diet plan.

Foods from animal sources are to be taken a few times a week. Eggs are to be taken only 3 or up to 4 times a week because it is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Fish oil supplements are unnecessary for it contains high concentration of calories.

Red meat should be taken only a few times a month because too much consumption of red meat may contribute to certain types of cancer aside from heart disease.


Regular physical activities are proven to be of great help to control weight and also, it provides other health benefits.

Together with the meal, drinking 2 glasses of red wine for the men and a glass of red wine for women is sufficient. Red wine contains polyphenols that have a potent antioxidant effect.


Having a regular exercise and an active lifestyle are both necessary in a Mediterranean Diet for those people who want to live a healthy and longer life.


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