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How To Win The War Against Obesity — an article on the Smart Living Network
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How To Win The War Against Obesity


Obesity is a disorder that I caused due to having an excessive number of fast food items, aerated beverages, deep fried food, basically an unhealthy lifestyle is what leads to being overweight.

However, obesity can be dealt with by following some simple and easy healthy lifestyle habits. Once you have made up your mind, no one can pull you back from achieving your goal.

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Hunger control

The most important thing in loosing weight is to control your hunger. However, people with healthy weight dont feel hungry until an appropriate time, whereas, people who are overweight have a different mechanism in which they think frequent and excessive food cravings and hence, end up overeating and overstuffing all the wrong foods.

Controlling your eating habits as well as time is essential.

Transform your eating habits

Transforming your eating habit comprises of many things.

  • Reduce your portion size. By doing so, you wont tend to over-eat more than needed.

  • Take your time while you have your meal, dont eat quickly, take your time masticating and then swallowing.

  • If you have plans of going out, look for healthy alternatives.

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