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Part III: Exercise

      In 2008 the US government issued the first ever Physical Activity Guidelines (PAG).  The Food Pyramid was changed to reflect the need for daily physical activity. It was a step in the right direction.  Just one most ignored, probably because 60 minutes of exercise every day is just too big a step. Today obesity in America is at an all time high. US named third fattest country in the world, is not a headline any of us are proud of. After considerable contemplation, I figured there are two things that need to be done. First we need to prove it doesn't take sixty whole arduous I-don't-like it-it-hurts minutes of exercise a day to lose that extra 20 lbs 65% of us are walking around with.  Second; support and reinforcement of informing everyone about the importance of daily exercise needs to be paramount. Too many do not know how GLUT-proteins
research proved exercise is as essential to any health regimen or weight loss program as water is to life? That GLUT-proteins are metabolized and produced only during exercise. These essential proteins enhance the glucose uptake process optimizing metabolic systems and
cellular performance. This means, without exercise, many metabolic systems collapse.  

         In the last ten years a better understanding of the glut proteins and glycemic index have caused a dramatic shift in our evaluation and utilization of nutritional guidelines for physical fitness as well as the treatment and diagnosis of diabetes and other metabolic syndrome
related diseases. It's a wonderful thing.  In fact, they(being the proverbial "they") are on the verge of proving that as little as 30 minutes of exercise three times a week can help you maintain your weight and optimize your health (reduce your risk for diabetes, cancer, and stroke). 30 minutes...  3 times a week... Now that's more like it.  Even the average, busy-around-the-clock with kids, jobs, homes, and life American can handle that.  At the very least, it seems
more probable than 60 minutes of exercise that turns into two hours because you have to get into gym clothes, get to the gym, get stretched then socialize with gym buddies for ten before exercising, then get home and showered.  30 minutes can be done in a walk around your
neighborhood or in a local park, playing ball with your son, or dancing with your daughter to the music of her favorite band. I can think of a gazillion other ways to get 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week... without it hurting.

           What can you think up? I'd really like to hear.

           But before I leave the subject of how important exercise is to natural and healthful weight loss, I want to say that the PAG report also recommended an abundance of fruits and egetables with an emphasis on whole grains and whole foods. (Gee, doesn't that sound familiar.) It suggested limiting sugars and solid fats such as butter, and red meat, and high glycemic index foods such as flour and complex carbohydrates. It also recommends eliminating prepackaged or processed foods. (Go figure.)

                To put about as fine a point on it as I can, exercise coupled with whole food nutrition and proper supplementation pretty much guarantees natural, healthful, and sustainable weight loss.  I do not know anything else that does.

                There is one final but important note I feel obligated to mention as we cannot speak about wanting to lose weight without discussing depression. According to the CDC, clinicadepression affects 1 in 10 adults in the U.S. Because depression is believed to be a multi-factorial consequence resulting from stressors that include obesity and sedentary lifestyles, the
Antidepressant-Lifestyle-Physiological-Social (ALPS) model includes moderate aerobic and anaerobic exercise as integral aspects of recovery. Research has proven the benefits of exercise for those suffering from depression, even so little as fifteen minutes a day. 15 minutes!  To a happier and healthier you. 

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