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November 25, 2009 at 12:30 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Don't Be Fooled by Risky Diet Pills

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Are you confident in your choices for a healthy lifestyle? If you regularly choose fresh natural foods; bypass the aisles of boxed, processed, and chemical-laden items; and make sure to fit in regular exercise, then the answer is probably yes. But even though you are healthy, you may not be immune to certain advertisers insisting that you are not. You may be just the person who certain companies are now targeting with their so-called healthy products, which, upon closer inspection, are actually anything but healthy.

Diet Pills and Advertising

For years, diet pills have been an easy way for merchants to make big money. Advertisers exploit the emotions and insecurities of a generation of overweight Americans, along with the help of mass media reinforcement of glamorous, thin ideals of men and women. The advent of the Internet has made this market even more lucrative, with boundless space virtually anyone can get into.

As an individual who wants to be healthy, you may find yourself exposed to several advertisements for diet pills after just a few minutes on the Internet simply because of the health topics you research. It is important that you are aware of the tactics advertisers use and the risks involved on your end when it comes to the world of diet pills.

Diet pill makers and distributors want, more than anything else (including safety and scrupulous business practices) to make a profit. Read: they will say just about anything to catch your attention. Be on the lookout for claims that sound too good to be true, such as:

  • Lose a Pound a Day!

  • No Diet, No Exercise Required!
  • The Only Thing that Works!
  • "How I Lost 30 Pounds Following Just One Rule!"

The Truth

Any company that genuinely cares for your health and creates products with this principle at the forefront will acknowledge that a healthy diet, regular exercise, and dedication are necessary for true weight loss. That is not to discredit all weight loss aids, as some can be truly beneficial, but they must be combined with a healthy lifestyle, not taken as a substitute for one.

Unscrupulous weight loss brands work by appealing to desperation in consumers. You can see this in their actual ad content. Rather than providing solid scientific evidence and real customer reviews, they use emotionally-charged language and feature easy answers. If the ad does not clearly state the ingredients in the pill, or doesn't draw from past clients (or if the testimonials or comments appear fake), then they might have something to hide, and so should you - your wallet.


More dangerous than their advertising tactics, the safety of some of these diet pills is questionable. Despite ad and commercial promises, the contents of the pills are not always as safe as they sound. Sometimes they do not even follow any sort of consumer safety guidelines. Investigations have found certain pills to contain banned substances or ingredients that are known to significantly raise the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and other serious conditions.

Perhaps less dangerous, but just as deceptive, are pills that are full of filler. This is common with trendy products such as acai berry supplements. Because the acai berry is very expensive and delicate, companies marketing them often substitute worthless fillers for pure acai. Of course, they still charge the high prices that acai commands.

The other large risk concerning diet pills is the potential financial disappointment. In addition to wasted money on fraudulent weight loss pills, it is not uncommon for bogus web sites to call for study participants, promising good money for minimal work and a cash deposit. Again, it sounds too good to be true, but is an easy scam tactic with a tool like the Internet.

Choose a Smarter Lifestyle!

Don't be a victim of these predatory companies! If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, opt for the time-tested methods of a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and steady work toward appropriate weight loss goals. When you choose a weight loss aid, consider the company's reputation and do a thorough investigation of the pill you'll be putting into your body. You can also feel good about bringing the scammers down: each consumer who makes the right decision will be another strike against those who are just looking to make a buck off the poor health of others.

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