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May 11, 2009 at 12:59 PMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Cinnamon for Natural Weight Loss?

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While research is still inconclusive, there is some evidence supporting the use of cinnamon to lower blood glucose and cholesterol in people with type 2 diabetes. Others report the benefit of cinnamon on weight loss.

Cinnamon for Weight Loss

A 2002 study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that regular consumption of cinnamon can help lower blood glucose levels, which in turn, may have implications supporting their historical use as a weight loss aid. Said nutritionist Tara Ostrow, RD "Cinnamon really is the new skinny food... Scientists already credit cinnamon in helping lower blood sugar concentration and improve insulin sensitivity.  When less sugar is stored as fat, this translates to more help for your body when it comes to weight loss." 

Other Uses of Cinnamon

Other small studies have shown cinnamon to have a positive effect on memory function, blood glucose levels, and even cholesterol. It seems that cinnamon may be able to lower blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. It has also been reported that cinnamon can lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, while not affecting the good cholesterol. Again, the research isn't conclusive enough to support the use of cinnamon on it's own for weight loss or diabetes management. However cinnamon could be part of a daily routine to encourage weight loss.

Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

Obviously, it will take serious lifestyle changes to be able to lose weight and keep it off. Many people find that losing weight is more of a psychological battle, an internal struggle of stamina and determination that it is a physical battle. We need to start looking at the process of losing weight not as a difficult, uphill battle but as a positive and exciting life change. Most of us face the idea of losing weight as involving months of food deprivation, hunger and boredom; it's time we change that idea. Think of the process not as 'weight loss' but as becoming healthy.

Exercise can be fun and definitely makes you feel better. Think of the way you feel after a good workout; you feel tired, yes, but you also feel strong and capable and confident. You feel like you can do anything. It's that 'high' that keeps us going back for more.

Further, if we focus on eating healthy and not 'dieting' we can open up to all these new possibilities of food. You don't have to live off of dry chicken, raw carrots, and cottage cheese. That's boring! Today's diet consists of new recipes and ethnic foods, seasonal vegetables, and quick meals. Get creative and have fun with your food again!

Love That Cinnamon

Here are some tips to include cinnamon in your diet:

  • Add cinnamon to oatmeal or cold cereal
  • Add it to hot coffee or tea
  • Put cinnamon in smoothies with fresh fruit and flaxseed
  • Sprinkle cinnamon over yogurt and fruit
  • Mix cinnamon with other spices to create a rub for grilled meats
  • Sprinkle cinnamon over peanut or other nut butters on toast
  • Steep cinnamon with lemon, honey and hot water for a relaxing drink

Regardless of its possible health benefits, cinnamon is a delicious addition to any healthy eating regimen. It's the most versatile spice out there and a staple of many cuisines.


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  • I love using cinnamon everywhere I can. I know it has great health benefits. I feel so good when I incorporate cinnamon and spices in my food. They all have such great health benefits! And cinnamon has sooo many uses! Cinnamon, great for health and optimum YUM w/o the sweet roll!

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