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Alli Capsules 60mg When To Use? Dosage, Side-Effects — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Alli Capsules 60mg When To Use? Dosage, Side-Effects


Alli is an over the counter medication that helps you lose weight. This medication belongs to a group of drugs named lipase inhibitors and their work is to prevent the absorption of fat in the human body. Alli capsules come in a 60mg per capsule serving and it is to be taken orally thrice a day with food that has high fat in them. Some of the common side effects of taking these capsules include oily spotting, pain in the abdomen and gas with oil or stool discharge. If you are thinking of trying one of them then you can buy Generic Alli Weight Loss.

Uses of Alli capsules for weight loss

It is a generic capsule used for weight loss. Though it is an over the counter drug it has wide popularity among obese peoples and it is proven to do its work as well. It helps obese people lose their weight and keep their weight in check. For best results, Alli should be used with a particular reduced-calorie diet given by a dietitian or your doctor. Alli has several other uses as well and to know them you must visit your doctor or pharmacist. So if you want all these benefits then buy and use Alli capsules for weight loss online today.

Side-effects of Alli 60mg capsules

As we all know the work process of Alli 60mg tablets we must know that Alli works by rejecting the absorption of the dietary fat. The patient will likely feel some changes in their bowel habits. The side-effects are likely to appear within the first few weeks of taking the medication.

  • oily spotting

  • gas with stool discharge

  • urge to go to the bathroom

  • oil and fat discharge with stool

  • increasing bowel movements

  • inability to control the bowel movement urge

  • the undigested fat may vary in colour as orange or brown.

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