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What to look for in a strategic communications firm — an article on the Smart Living Network
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What to look for in a strategic communications firm


The public image and reputation that any company projects to its stakeholders has become a significant and indispensable asset that impacts the growth of the business and its permanence in the market. That is why effective communication with the Target Audiences has become a challenge that organizations face, looking for a space among the thousands of messages that are directed towards audiences every day, together with the emergence of new channels and accelerating formats the rhythm of communication processes.

There are several ways to do this. Here propose 7 strategies that, I consider, must be present in your Communication Strategy.

Traditional and Digital PR: Relate to your audiences

Many CEOs are busy on a long list of outstanding issues that forget about Public Relations and their role in achieving Business Objectives. What can we achieve with PR? Its essential objective is to relate companies with their Target Audiences/Buyer Persons. To this end, the PRs not only have the Traditional Media - printed and online - but also with the Social Media that have opened up new possibilities to expand and facilitate the Communication.

Digital Marketing: SEO for the CEO

We already live in a digital world and your business should also be part of this, and what better than through Digital Marketing - Internet Marketing -, a tool that includes product promotion techniques and strategies and services through digital channels to direct potential customers to your brand in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner.

Why does your business need to enter this trend? Digital Marketing is a simple way to increase your brands recall and expand its reach to Target Audiences through search engines, social networks, blogs, email, and so on. It does not matter in which industry your company moves because whatever it is, surely a Digital Strategy can do much in favor of your business.

Social Networks: Build engagement and build your leadership

These digital platforms have conquered users of all ages and interested in very diverse business niches. Today, companies and their brands cannot think of reaching their consumers without having a presence in these spaces. For what social networks? Companies can create and maintain digital communities of users around them, strengthening their leadership by disseminating valuable content linked to the Business Objectives, the brand and the interests of their buyers by encouraging interaction, behavior and generating actions for the brand, in addition to other benefits.

Brand Journalism: More value for your business

The way companies communicate with their markets has changed and trends such as Brand Journalism are being incorporated into the Communication Strategies, which is that companies create spaces to share information; Content Marketing, which is the creation of valuable content and viral ideas to inspire, educate, inform and convince your Audiences, creating an emotional bond with them; Storytelling, which is the way to tell a story, and Trans media, which is an intentional fractioning of the story and its dissemination through multiple channels (offline and online).

Media Training: Power your meetings

Although many CEOs already know the benefits of a Media Relations program, some still refuse to take a Media Training that allows them to perform effectively during a media meeting. What can I do for you? Media Training gives you the elements, techniques and skills necessary to effectively use the messages, enhancing your meetings with the Traditional and Social Media, and that will help you become a reliable, accessible and empathic source of information.

Crisis Management: Seize the opportunity after adversity

Today, corporations recognize that Communication in times of crisis is a vital part of their Crisis Management and Strategies for Business Continuity, because, as we all know, bad things happen to them to any company affecting its reputation. Why resort to this tool? Having a Crisis Communication Plan will allow your company to anticipate, react and keep communication lines open, whether in a traditional or digital media environment, to prevent your stakeholders from having a bad image of you or your company.

Media Analysis: Measure your objectives, build your successes

Well, you know that any Business Strategy, including Marketing, must be measured to know the progress and demonstrate the value of each of the actions. For this reason, it is important to measure the effectiveness of a strategy of PR, Social Networks, Content Marketing or Digital Marketing, but always based on pre-established objectives and aligned with the company's general goals.

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