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Types of Sports Brand Advertising on the Field

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No brand should be left behind in terms of exposure to the general public. To be more specific, it is a group of potential customers that should be approached effectively. While the marketing department takes care of this exposure, we are here to recommend an ideal way sports marketing.

It's a sports advertising that has done the trick for many brands before. These superior brand advertisement techniques have gained the expected return on investment for many businesses before and, hopefully, many more to come. No matter which business you are running, a popular sporting event can trigger your popularity even further.

Types of Brand Advertising on a Sports Field

Here are the types of sports advertising practice is done on the field. Take a look at each of them to decide which one suits your business.

  • Painted Grass Advertising

The field on which the action is happening is mostly covered with grass. Only a few occasions don't offer natural grass as the pitch. Painting on the grass can put your brand name in the heart of the action. The challenge here is to match the color and design with the exact brand logo along with an eye-catching tagline. This technique can be used for Sports stadiums of football, cricket, golf, etc.

  • Pitch Poppers

Pitch poppers are the small advertisement boards just beside the goal post in a soccer match. These poppers get a lot of TV exposure because the focus of the camera is mostly around the goals. It's a great way to promote your brand among the football-watching audience.

  • Football Advertising Boards

Football advertising boards are the ones that circumscribe the whole stadium. These advertisement boards can be a boundary for the playing area or the boards placed on the top of the stands. It can be a stadium of cricket, football, hockey, golf, etc.

  • Virtual Advertising

As the name suggests, virtual advertising consists of placing the brand name banner on the field in live TV through virtual means(digitally). This technique exempts a brand from visiting the stadium and placing it's logos manually. Virtual advertising needs these banners in the same place irrespective of the camera movement. It's a new way of promoting a brand among sports enthusiasts. The benefit is that you can choose any place to place the board without having to print the banners.

  • Other Advertisements Techniques

Advertisement techniques have no limit. The same goes for sports advertising. A brand can engage in influencer marketing, football t-shirt branding, soccer cleats branding, etc. It all depends upon what is suitable and what kind of audience is the brand targeting. For example, in cricket, the boundaries are made with a foam wedge that also has a brand name on it. So, it also depends on the sport you choose.

With all these techniques as an option, many brands have fierce competition for a particular event because of its popularity. Most of the attention is towards World cups. For example, the last FIFA World Cup was followed by more than 4 billion people and who wouldn't want to influence people that huge in number.


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