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The Need to Have a Party Wall Agreement

By David Frank More Blogs by This Author

When do we need a party wall agreement in London?

A Party wall refers to a wall that is either on or at the boundary of the property. Most commonly, this party wall serves the purpose of separating land, maybe even adjoining properties and hence is placed as the boundary, but in an actual scenario, it is a part of the whole property where the building is standing. There are many party walls, which are built in such a way that they form part of the property of both the neighboring lands to allow the neighboring property to stand inside the wall enclosure. The type of wall that divides the properties is responsible for the complexity of the case and the party wall agreement cost. The boundary that divides the property usually is straight with one edge of the wall or goes directly through the walls center. So, there are no set rules regarding the position of the properties boundary. It is and can be taken from anywhere passing through it. If we try to analyze the laws regarding the party walls, usually it is easy to share the party wall idea to both the property owners who are occupying the wall.

You will need a party wall surveyor east london if you share a wall. If you are now planning to do some work on the wall that acts as a dividing line between your property and your neighbors or if you are planning to construct another wall on the division or near it, then it could become important to give your neighbor a party wall notice. Giving a notice to your neighbors, and in return getting permission from them, is known as a party wall agreement.

Depending on the wall, the notice can be of different categories:

  • Line of junction notice- This is used for new wall construction cases on only your land, walls which are on your land, but touch the boundary line or for a whole new wall to serve as the boundary.
  • Party structure notice- This is used for conditions regarding the matters about the existing wall or walls.
These party wall issues can become complicated sometimes. To make the matter of the agreement process quicker, you will need proper legal help that will help you in the selection of correct documents and will make sure that those documents reach the concerned people.rn

You also have to decide which type of notice needs to be served and to whom. After this, next is the creation of the required notices for the party wall which must include all the required forms to be properly signed to allow you to move forward with your desired project. Hiring a legal service will guide you in finding out how to serve notices and will be useful in case any disputes may arise.

Two terms are especially useful while you are dealing with any issue related to the party wall. Building owner is used to refer to the one who wishes to make any repairs or changes to the party wall, and the second term, adjoining owners, is used to refer to the neighbors of the party wall.


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