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August 16, 2011 at 12:55 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Protect Yourself From Freak Accidents

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

How much do you value your life?

If you're a normal, sane person, probably a lot!  So what do we do to preserve our life?  We don't smoke, we don't drive recklessly, and we don't jump into volcanoes!  All those things are no-brainers for not dying, but what about the things that aren't so obvious?

Now I'm not saying we need to be paranoid about everything, wrap ourselves in bubble wrap, and wear a helmet to bed, but sometimes things are so obscure that we may not think about the danger.  So here's a list of things you probably shouldn't do even though, most likely, you won't die.

1. You go swimming where you know there are sharks while bleeding and wearing shiny jewelry.  

  • Reason to NOT do this: You don't want to get bit by a shark! 79 people were attacked because of disregard of common sense, 11 of those 79 died.
  • Probability of death: Low. Even if you're bleeding and wrapped in tin foil, you probably won't get bit.

2. You reeeally want your candy, but it got stuck in the vending machine. So, you start shaking it in your violent rage and hunger!

  • Reason to NOT do this: 3 or 4 people die every year because of this. Why? They're straight up idiots.
  • Probability of death: Extremely Low. Unless you're jumping all over the machine and attempting to tip it onto yourself, you're probably safe.

3.  You're golfing and it starts to thunder and flash lightning.

  • Reason to NOT do this: Electricity likes metal. It's just not wise to be waving around a metal stick while super-powerful bolts of lightning strike all around you.
  • Probability of death: High, the chances are probably around 1000 to 1. But when you're the tallest object in a fairway, holding a conductor in the air, your chances of being struck go up exponentially.

4. You're swimming in the ocean and a rip current suddenly takes you out to sea.

  • Reason to NOT do this: Drowning is deadly, in case you were wondering. The best piece of advice is to avoid rip currents (sometimes called undertow) altogether. But if you find yourself in one, always remember to not fight it! Even if you are Michael Phelps you can't out swim a rip current, always go out to the side of neutral water.
  • Probability of death: Very High in relation to the other hazards on this blog. Your chances of being caught in a rip current are very high in the first place, especially if you frequent the beach. But, unlike a lightning strike or shark attack, you can simply swim out of you predicament if you find yourself in it. But 80% of drownings are due to rip currents.

5.You're on a prescription medication and decide to take it with a glass of wine or other alcohol.

  • Reason to NOT do this: When you mix alcohol with drugs, things get messy. Your body can react horribly, sometimes even causing death.
  • Probability of death: Depends, If you're taking Advil with alcohol, it probably won't have much of a side effect. But if you're on strong medications, especially mixing medications, alcohol should be avoided. 

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