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This past week, I lost all hope in society. Granted, I had barely any hope in humankind at all, but two 20 second series of events made me realize that if a global change doesn't occur, we are seriously screwed. The following may be disturbing to some readers.

Last weekend, I was at a baby shower for my cousin. I am not particularly close to this cousin, but I did spend a fair amount of my life around her (as far as spending time with extended family goes), and I felt a bit of social obligation to be apart of her life. So there I was. In the backyard of a suburban home in Portage, MI. Eating a burnt hot dog. There were maybe 15 to 20 people in attendance, some of which were from my family and others from the family of the man who shamelessly impregnated my cousin.

At this SUPER EXCITING event, there was a game that was casually being played called "corn hole." I don't know if that is a real name or just one that we made up, but it is essentially a game of horseshoes with a sewn shut cloth bag full of corn kernels, the target being a small wooden "ramp" with a hole in it. My dad, being the fun loving and entertaining type that he is, started playing this redneck-tastic game with a boy from the family of the father of the unborn child.

Somehow through the course of the game it evolved into this kid throwing bean bags at my father. And hey, I get that, I've thrown stuff at people I barely know because we were both having fun. But it didn't stop, he kept getting these bags and targeting him, becoming increasingly violent. Eventually, after repeated requests to stop, my dad stopped putting the bean bags in a place the kid could find them.

It wasn't a huge deal by any stretch of the imagination, but it was very disrespectful. And I'm trying to say that objectively, even if it wasn't my father (whom I have a great amount of respect for) but was a 50 year old man I didn't know it would still have found it as a blatant act of disrespect.

Exhibit B.

Wednesday I thought it might be a good idea to take a few years off my life, so my friends and I went to Taco Bell for some awesomely cheap steroid-injected pseudo mexican cuisine. As we were exiting, one of my friends held the door open for my other friend and myself, because he's a straight gentleman. After we walked out, he remained holding the door open for the two 9 year old girls that were entering in the atrium. The first walked in without a word, but the other picked up a magazine that was on the free rack next to her and inched her way to the door. It seriously took like 15 or 20 seconds for this girl, who was solely focused on her wheeler dealer, to get inside with my friend holding the door open. The part that gets me is that if at any point during this my friend were to close the door, it would have completely blind-sided this girl and crushed her frail body, yet she still loitered completely ignoring the man holding the door open. 

Again, it's not a huge deal, but these are people that are running the world in 20 years. Does anybody think I am just insane and that neither of the people in the stories I related deserved to have more respect given to them? Or is the world going to burn when everyone is self-entitled grown up children?

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  • You have to remember they are Kids. I'm sure there are a lot of great kid that would have thanked your friend for holding the door. The real issue is parents. Bad parenting is rampant in Gen Y.

  • If those are the most terribly behaved kids you've seen in public, you need to get out more! :)
    From my viewpoint, the behavior is indicative of their age. Did anyone tell the little guy to stop pelting your dad, or did you all assume he would understand the frustrated grunting or your judgmental glare? The little girl? She was in her own pink little world in her head. I've seen kids get distracted and full on walk into doors and people.

    As for real misbehavior in public, children are simply not being taught by their parents how to act. That's evident from the fact that no one disciplined the child pelting your father, even though it was clearly a family event. Telling a kid no, and sticking to it is probably the best thing parents can do.

  • @Melissa these are definitely not the worst examples that I have seen, and I admit, I don't have a great tolerance for children being children, but on the flip side of that coin (and at the risk of sounding like a really old guy) when I was that age and I disrespected somebody it came with a definite price, I was punished immediately.

    And you're right, it's the parents fault, but that doesn't make the problem any less alarming.

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The Silent Generation


These are the people that grew up through or in the wake of World War II and the Great Depression. I find that those of The Silent Generation tend to stick to their ways as stubbornly as humanly possible (that might just be old people always), but with closer inspection there is usually a method to their madness. Usually...

The Baby Boomers


It is apparent that family was a big deal to The Silent Generation, because when they all became "of age" they started producing children like bunnies after WWII ended. The Baby Boomer generation is usually associated with growing up in privilege and wealth, during the time of their youth the "American Dream" was very much so alive. This is also the generation where stuff started getting weird, rebellious things like "The Rock and Roll" and "The Pot" were taking the world by storm during their young adulthood.

Generation X


GenX is the generation that witnessed the beginning of the accelerated social changes we see now. It seemed like history started creating itself more often. The GenXer's saw the music scene change rapidly with the invention of heavy metal, grunge, and glam. GenX also was making the biggest push in history for open-mindedness as regards religion, culture, and sexual orientation. This generation was a strong advocate for education and were integral to the next step in history, namely personal computing. Oh...and MTV.

Generation Y (The Millennials)


Born into a world of technology that is constantly changing, GenY is just now starting to take hold, sorta. No other generation has been as coddled as GenY, thus creating a group of people that expects the world on a silver plater. The Millennials place a huge emphasis on being wealthy, but seem to put "work" on the back burner. A characteristic of GenY is their aversion to debt, after "The Great Recession" they figured out that debt may not be the best avenue of education/living.

Generation Z

God help us.

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