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Eventful Ancient Places to Visit from Makadi Bay

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One of the most enchanting resorts located in the red sea is the Makadi Bay. It's lies between two worlds the tropical beaches, the exquisite marine life of rare fishes & coral reefs and the desert & dunes of the red sea Mountains. While being in Makadi bay, then you have a chance through Makadi bay excursions to spend one or two days tour conquer the heritage of Egypt and visit the best attraction places date back to the ancient Pharaohs. In this article, you will know about the best enchanting place to visit from Makadi bay and how to book your tour, so let's continue.

Best Historical Places to Visit from Makadi Bay

Near Makadi bay is a number of excursions including trips to Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. There is also a chance to discover all the best attractions in Cairo include the famous pyramids of Giza. But due to your short holiday in Makadi bay, so there are important places you can visit through one, two, or three days maximum.

The Three Pyramids and the Sphinx

Giza pyramids complex is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and you can enjoy seeing the creativity of ancient Egyptians in building these three architectural pyramids from more than 40 centuries. While being in Giza you can take photographs and visit the royal tombs "Available If You Want", then you can take a tour with riding horses or camels and buy special souvenirs for your friends and family from the shops surrounding the place and have a delicious meal at one of the nearby restaurants. Fortunately, during your trip inside the complex, you will see the majestic Sphinx built by the ancient Egyptians believed it would be a shield for the treasures of their royal tombs from theft. At night, you have the chance to attend the sound & light show which showcasing the glories of the pharaohs "Sound and Light Show in Pyramids".

The Old Egyptian Museum

If you are interested in seeing the monuments & artifacts of Pharaonic Egypt on the reality, away from the pictures and TV contents, here is the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square, which includes about 150 thousand artifacts show the lives of royal families and ancient gods, in addition to artifacts dates to the civilizations of Greek and Roman divided in different halls on two floors, floor for mummies, heavy relics such as sarcophagi, murals, and monumental statues, the second for manuscripts, old pictures, and small statues.

The Citadel of Qaitbay

Qaitbay citadel overlooking the eastern port of Alexandria city represents a majestic view of the Mediterranean sea, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the region as a whole from the top of the walls of the castle, as well as visit the Maritime Museum, which is full of hundreds of species of marine organisms and reflect the history of the wars that went through the city From the Roman Wars to the British battles that ended with its capture.

Karnak Temple

One of the greatest temples in Egypt and Luxor ever "Karnak temple" is a magnificent pharaonic house of worship that begins by rams road to include a group of temples including god Amun temple and his wife Mut and his son, the temple of King Ramses III. You can also attend sound and light show which showcases the history of the temple's creation with its treasures in several foreign languages.

Temple of Hatshepsut

A mortuary temple of Hatshepsut is one of Luxor's greatest temples which were established by Queen Hatshepsut on three ascending terraces to perform her funeral to the underworld. The temple was modeled after the mortuary temple of King Mentuhotep II (c. 2061-2010 BCE). Queen Hatshepsut commissioned her mortuary temple at some point soon after coming to power in 1479 BCE and she designed this temple to tell the entire story of her life and reign and surpass any other in elegance and grandeur.

Valley of the Kings

It is really difficult to believe that a monument of this magnitude like the enchanting Valley of the Kings can be located within the core of a hill, where it acted as the final resting place of various famous Pharaohs of Egypt's new Kingdom. It is considered to be one of the ancient worlds most important places for its historical significance and culture significant. The valley can be found hidden in the heart of a hill in order to protect the tombs from raiders who seek to rob the priceless artifacts.

Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel temple is one of the most important tourist temples in Egypt. In the interior of Abu Simbel temple were created structures that will impress you, the ancients. Abu Simbel temples are dividing into two major temples, the biggest follow King Ramses II to honor his victory in Kadesh battle and the smallest follow Queen Nefertari temple the wife of Kings Ramses II. Abu Simbel temple is a few hours south of Aswan, but most tourists reach Abu Simbel by plane. It is also possible to visit Abu Simbel by joining Lake Nasser cruise, and this cruise docks in front of the temple.

Temple of Philae

Philae temple is located on an island overlooking the bank of the Nile opposite Aswan city, famous for its annexation of the remains of Pharaonic temples built in this region of centuries. The reason for building this temple to honor the goddess Isis was the last temple built in the classical Egyptian style.

Enjoy every moment you spend in Egypt, visit the Pyramids of Giza, get the chance to explore the Coptic and Islamic landmarks in Cairo, stroll down to upper Egypt to witness the stunning attractions through Luxor day trip from Makadi bay, enjoy one of majestic Nile cruise and sailing in the Nile River while discovering best attractions lies in Luxor & Aswan.


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