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April 2, 2013 at 2:23 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Peering into an Enigmatic Future

By Claire Franklin More Blogs by This Author

I recently met a woman who says she’s in tune with the “other side.” By this she means she can sense things that others can’t. When I looked at her quizzically, she proceeded to explain.

On September 10, 2001, she agreed to loan her Jeep to a friend. She wanted to clean the vehicle before her friend picked it up, so she decided to drive it to the car wash. Just as she started it up, a radio report interrupted her thoughts, and the announcer explained an earthquake had just hit California. She thought to herself, “That’s not really news. Earthquakes always strike California. Now, if something happened in New York, that would be unusual. An earthquake in New York, for instance, would warrant news reports all over the world.”

This is the point where her thoughts became strange. All of a sudden she found herself floating; she rose above her body and floated to New York. She called this an out-of-body experience. As she floated, new scenery developed before her eyes, and she found herself over a body of water. Back-dropped by a hazy sky, she then saw the crescent shape of New York City’s coastline and its towering skyscrapers. Smoke was billowing from some of the buildings, and she could see fires in the background.

After the experience ended, she was instantly back inside the Jeep. Everything was exactly as she had left it: the engine was running, the radio was on, and her purse was on the passenger seat beside her. She looked at the clock and realized she’d only been “gone” a few minutes. She shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs from her mind, put the Jeep in gear, and drove to the car wash.

The next morning, as she sat on the couch sipping coffee, she heard the reports of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The pictures on the television were exactly like she what she saw during her “vision.”

Listening to this story, I felt goose bumps prickle my skin. The woman also told me about dreams she had previously experienced that seemed to foretell of a pending event of horror. I then told her of some of my premonitions, which are not on the same scale as her experiences, but certainly recognizable.

For instance, I’ll occasionally dream of a person and then see him or her the next day. I also once dreamed that my friend was wearing an outfit identical to the woman beside her. When I saw my friend later that day, she and I had on the exact same shirts.

After reading these stories, it’s easy to dismiss them as crazy or purely deceptive. Yet there is truth to them; I know because I’ve experienced premonitions in my dreams. I know my mom and sister have as well. Does this mean we’re psychics? Absolutely not… I’m not even sure what a psychic is. I know what they’re supposed to do: tell you the expected future events of your life. But I have visited two psychics in my lifetime, and neither got everything 100 percent right.

So, upon what are premonitions based? The short answer is that some people are more sensitive to the earth’s energy than others. Everything reportedly has energy, and, by feeling that energy, one can deduce probable events that will unfold in the future. This energy, however, often fluctuates, and, with it, the future can also change. Premonitions are therefore far from foolproof.

The only thing that’s certain is this world’s mysteries go well beyond reasonable explanations. Visions, premonitions, and dreams can help guide us, but they’re not definitive answers. Clairvoyant Sherry Binkelman explains that no individual, regardless of his or her claims, can flawlessly predict the future. People can, however, interpret current energies to “determine what might happen in the future if absolutely nothing changed between now and then.”

Thus, you have only to look about you to possibly understand what the future holds.


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