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Exciting Activities from New Zealand

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Welcome back to Extreme Existence, where we focus on all of the activities that make life exciting.

Americans often think of New Zealand as those islands way off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere. We frequently refer to it as the place where Lord of the Rings was filmed, or where the musical comedy duo, Flight of the Conchords originates, but there is so much more to this nation. For one thing, the islands of New Zealand take their history very seriously. They also strive more than most other countries to preserve and maintain the natural environment. However, my favorite thing about New Zealand is the great opportunity for all kinds of exciting recreational activities.  


New Zealand is a great place for extreme recreation. It has many mountains, plains, volcanoes, caves, lakes, and shorelines for numerous outdoor activities. People from all over the world visit these islands to go rock climbing, cycling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, and much more! New Zealand also allows tourists to explore these beautiful isles via bikes, helicopters, and boats. The natives stay active, too, participating in many different activities that are unique to their nation.

Not only do the Kiwis (people from New Zealand) enjoy recreational activities, but they also come up with their own. Here are just a few exciting activities that have been invented in New Zealand!


When I was young I had a pair of gerbils. Sometimes I would take my gerbils out of their cage and put them in little plastic balls, which they would roll around in as they explored my bedroom floor. I always wondered what it was like to take a ride in a gerbil or hamster ball. Well, apparently someone in New Zealand did, too, because in the 1990s he invented the zorb.

A zorb is essentially a hamster ball for humans. It is made up of two plastic orbs, one suspended inside the other, with a layer of air in between. Thrill seekers ride within the inner ball, either strapped in or moving freely. These exciting rides allow people to roll over all kinds of terrain— across fields, over water and down hills—as they explore the New Zealand countryside. It’s quite a thrill!


I’m not so sure shweeb is a verb but it certainly is a thing. This exciting new sport was invented only a few years ago. It combines cycling with a monorail system. The rider sits back in a clear, ventilated, plastic capsule that hangs from a steel rail. The rider controls the shweeb himself, pedaling it as he would a bicycle. Once she gets going, she really gets flying, gliding swiftly along the smooth rail.

The full potential of the shweeb is still being explored. They are currently considered an exciting tourist attraction. They are also used for racing. People will explore the seven gears as they move faster along the rail, swinging around the curves as they battle their opponents. There is more potential to the shweeb than racing, though. Since the invention of the shweeb, people have explored its potential as an eco-friendly form of transportation. For these reasons, the kiwis are very excited about the shweeb.

The nation of New Zealand recognizes the thrills of life. Visiting New Zealand will give you a great opportunity to live an active lifestyle and try exciting new things.

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  • I had heard about the zorb ball before, but the shweeb clinches it. I want to go to New Zeeland and try both.

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