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CAREER COUNSELLING- A Well Informed Decision

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Career Counselling : Consider these two situations, one in which you make a decision to either buy or to place an order by taking someones advice and a situation in which you have to decide everything all by yourself. Now, be honest and tell me, where will you be more comfortable or satisfied? We always look for suggestions and advice for almost everything in our lives- be it what to eat, what to wear to a party, which place to visit, and sometimes we even discuss whom to vote then why is it that we do not seek help when we have to make such an important decision of our lives- Career Planning? There is no doubt that your career will remain important for 30-40 years of your life.


If you are enjoying what you are doing right now in your life, be it studying or working, know your calling, then it is advised to use the career guidance to set and achieve the desired goals and be prepared for future challenges. And, those of you who are still struggling and often these questions to yourself-What am I doing in life?, Do I really have to work like this?, Why am I not happy despite being getting the highest pay in my friend circle?, Should I be just upfront and talk to my parents about my abilities?, then dear friends, its time to seek answers.


Now, lets go back to the step where we most of the time make the mistake, which is how do we decide to choose a particular career. And, it is all dependent on which stream, what subjects, what college, what course, what job, which sector of industry and so on.Parents Influence, Peer Influence, Academic excellence, Media hype and fluctuating Interestsare some of the traditional ways of deciding our careers. The sad part is that a very less amount of people make it to their perfect career but larger amounts face problems like- Ignorance of career, Wrong stream, job dissatisfaction.


Its high time we realize the importance of career counselling for an overall development as a professional, as a student, and eventually, as a responsible citizen contributing to the nation as well. Career counselling is a way a student can get expert guidance in career-making. It is a process that will help an individual to become self-aware about his interest and abilities, various career prospects.


Whats the solution? Its simple, career counselling. Consider this, whenever you are trying to learn something new, for instance, riding a bicycle, would it not be easier to do it with someone guiding you rather than you learning to do everything all by yourself?


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