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Designate a Driver
The first thing you want to do, even before you head out, is designate a driver. Maybe youre only going with a small group, or maybe yourejoining a large tour group. Wine generally doesnt make people as drunk as fast as many other alcoholic beverages, but its better to be safe than sorry, especially where alcohol is concerned. Having a designated driver means you dont have to worry about drinking too much wine to drive, and the driver will have very little if at all.
Set Limits in Advance
Decide exactly how much youre going to drink in advance. Think about how much alcohol you can tolerate. Most people know their limits. For some people, that number is a few large drinks. For others, it may only be a glass or two before they feel the effects of the wine on their coordination and judgment. Remember that wine does have less alcohol compared to hard liquors, plus the drinks are smaller, but still set a reasonable limit on how much you plan to drink.
Pair Wine With Food
One of the best ways to enjoy wine and keep it from overwhelming your system is by eating at the same time. Many of the best wineries offer a full menu of wines, paired with just the right food to bring out the flavors in the wine. Take the time to eat a small meal with your wine, and youll enjoy the tour even more. This will also give your body time to metabolize the alcohol, clearing it from your system.
Bring Comfortable, Safe Shoes
Some wine tours require a lot of walking. You may need to walk uphill to get the winery. Hills and other areas of the vineyard can be steep, so bring comfortable shoes with you. Dress shoes or heels may look nicer, but they dont have much traction, which is what youll want to maintain your balance throughout the tour. Comfortable shoes will also be better for your feet while youre standing on concrete outdoor spaces for potentially hours at a time.
Drink Small Glasses
At a wine tasting and tour, you want to sample lots of wines. Stick to small glasses only. This way, you can really taste the nuances of each type of wine sold there. Youll be able to tell the difference between a sweet wine like Port and one with sharper notes. Youll also be able to avoid drinking too much overall.

Remember these basic tips during your trip into wine country, and youll be able to stay safe while enjoying your wine at the same time. And youll have an experience to remember.

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