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Why do business websites have to be responsive? — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Why do business websites have to be responsive?


Responsive web design can be defined as building websites which can adjust to the visitors screen size. Such a design let the users to view the content of a website without compromising the quality no matter how small or big screens are. The biggest benefit of using responsive web design on websites is to boost the loading speed, thus making it easy for the users to browse through the sites without having to resize the content. On top of everything, hiring a proficient web design company Cochin like TechPullers to create a responsive website can help businessmen to focus more on improving their business rather than wasting time on building websites on their own. There are several ways in which responsive web design help business owners.

Increased mobile traffic

A SimilarWeb report states that about half of the online traffic to websites come from mobile devices. So, it is very important for businesses to build websites that can adapt to smaller windows or screens. This will allow the users to have an optimal browsing experience without any sort of distortions in terms of screen layouts and images. Though companies choose to have different separate versions of their websites for mobile devices and computers, it will be more cost-effective if they opt for responsive web design. So, they may have to think about responsive design that comes with greater versatility, especially if it is designed by a skilled website design company Cochin.

Mobile development speed

Creating responsive websites consume less time than building a mobile application along with a separate website for desktops or laptops. We all know times equals money and we should avoid wasting it by choosing responsive design. Though the investment to create responsive websites is high, you can save a lot of money in the long run by cutting the costs on speed configuration, maintenance and other things involved in using two separate versions of websites. To know more about saving your money by having a responsive website, you can always take the help of a talented web design Cochin agency and TechPullers is one such company offering exceptional web design services along with its other services.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

A lot of support and testing will be required to maintain two different versions of website, one for desktop and one for mobile devices. On the other hand, responsive web design needs standardized testing procedures to deliver the most ideal layout on screens of different sizes. Also, having two versions of websites for mobile and desktop sites requires two of the following.

  • Administrative interfaces
  • Content strategies
  • Possibly Design team

But responsive design can be a one size fits all solution that lessens the burden for consumers, business owners, and developers. When we spend less time towards website maintenance, we get more time to what are supposed to; focusing on important aspects of businesses like content creation and marketing. However, not everyone has the skills to build a responsive website. In such a case, the best solution is getting our websites created by an experienced web design company in Kochi.

Faster loading websites

Most of the mobile users have very little attention spans. Moreover, people who use mobile devices for browsing the internet have the habit of abandoning a website or webpage which loads slowly taking over three seconds. If websites are not optimized for mobile devices, they take longer to load making the users frustrated and leave a webpage or site. On the contrary, when responsive websites are built using the latest performance techniques like responsive images and caches, the loading speed of the sites becomes faster. Such websites are impossible to be built by people with no to little technical knowledge. Therefore, such people or businessmen can outsource the website creation process to an esteemed web design company Kerala such as

Reduced bounce rates

Optimized and responsive websites provide better experiences to users when they are browsing through the sites. Hence, users tend to stick to such websites for a longer duration, while exploring through the different sections of the same. But if you dont have a responsive website, visitor engagement will be reduced and in most case they will bounce. So, it has become very important for business owners to retain their visitors on their webpages by choosing responsive websites developed by web design Kochi professionals.

Increased Conversions

Better SEO

An extraordinary web development company in Kochi like can build a website that is not only responsive, engaging and informative, but also SEO -friendly. Search Engine Optimization has become as important as high-quality content on websites. Low bounce rates and strong backlinks can be translated into better search rankings on search engines; however, there are additional SEO advantages for mobile-friendly websites. Getting your SEO-friendly single responsive website both for desktop and mobile developed by a fully-equipped web designing company in Ernakulam can impact your websites rank on search engines in positive manner.

Enhanced browsing experience

Since, first impressions are the deciding factors for people to decide whether or not to choose a business, it is imperative that they get a positive experience on a business website. So, any website for that matter should be designed in a such a way that users dont need to pinch, zoom, or shrink their screens to look at the content of the site. A prestigious web design company Kerala is the place to get such a website created.

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