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What makes a social media agency in Dubai different? Do all agencies give the same service? In fact, what makes the real difference in terms of customer satisfaction, the correlation between brand objectives and marketing investment outcomes.

Scarlet Media,a professionalsocial media agency in Dubai, was established in 2006 by a group of engineers who are analytic, data driven and trying to discover new ways of reaching unreached levels of return on investment. Simply, they did experimentation on digital and traditional media tools to support their unmatched ideas for growth. The outcome was so satisfactory that they built up a social agency inside of a digital agency.

As one of thetop social media agencies in Dubai, Scarlet mainly helps your business grow through generation social media content related to brand awareness, Engagement, and website traffic through all possible social channels.

  • Developing Brand Awareness by Gaining Followers
Growing your followers on social media will help you increase your awareness with word of mouth. As adigital marketing agency in Dubai, Scarlet will help you increase your followers by interacting relevant target audience. The aim is to ensure that your new followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers.
  • Building Engagement
By building a strong connection with your audience through engaging content, they will be more likely to buy from you. We will help you increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection will be with your audience. Dubai is a very social location and as asocial media agency in Dubai, Scarlet uses this as a weapon to build its content artillery.
  • Increasing Website Traffic
Increasing your website traffic will directly influence leads and sales. We always focus on developing social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website. To increase conversions, we use retargeting method to be in the limelight of recent website visitors.

Which Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?

Building Digital Strategy& Content

For everyprofessionaldigital marketing agency in Dubai, first step to take in a digital campaign is to learn about the clients business. We identify what makes your brand unique, what type of content your target audience likes to consume. Then, we develop a content strategy with you to make sure our goals aligned with your expectations.

Original eye-catching viral content is everything. At Scarlet Dubai, we create and share content that is scroll-stopping, analytical, responsive, and strategic. We identify the places your message will deliver the measurable returns. With our content creation services, we offer social posting guides, social activation concepts, sentiment-driven ideation, video and photo content, and ongoing content optimization to our clients.

For anydigital marketing agency Dubaigives many options to create engaging content. AtScarlet, we start monitoring your digital presence with a profound digital strategy. We produce creative and advanced social media strategies to build your brand, gain exposure and audience. We analyze your social media space and determine the best approach to use and content to create for your target audience.

Viral Content

Unlike a standarddigital marketing agency in Dubai,we develop not only regular content for your brand, but also viral content for your audience. Viral content starts to work for you on autopilot, as your brand gets exposed to a whole new audience that you couldnt ever quite reach organically.

You might think getting your content to go viral is as likely as you hitting the lottery, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Community Management

AtScarlet, leadingdigital marketing agency in Dubai, your brands customers are important for us. We monitor and catalog inbound inquiries and issues, solve them or escalate them. We solve the problems of your customers to strengthen their relationships with your brand and gain their loyalty. Our response time is shorter than 5 hours during weekdays.

Mobile Marketing

With over 66% of people all over the world using their mobile phones to browse the internet, the importance of a responsive website is growing rapidly.Digital marketing companies in Dubaistated that 33% of internet users would abandon a site if the website were not optimized for a mobile device. User experience is key to help improving your credibility, boost your conversion rates and increase customer retention. AtScarlet, one of the most experienceddigital marketing companies in Dubai,we call responsive websites an investment for the future. It is not just an essential resource for today, but also for tomorrow. Mobile use is only set to increase, and customers are expecting more and more from the brands and companies they interact with online.

Mobile Site Development

In the business world, information is critical and people will leave your website if they cannot find what they are looking for quickly or if it is too difficult to use. AsScarlet,one of thetopdigital marketing companies in Dubai, we focus on designing and creating websites that are functional and interactive for your brands customers. A websites ability to interact with its customers provides them with accessible information, which is vital on the web. Therefore, we create websites that are not just visually appealing with effective messaging, but also quite interactive to help your customers understand why they should choose your products and services.

How about other Digital marketing companies in Dubai?

There are many cases where digital should meet traditional channels like TV, outdoor, radio, and newspaper. Many ideas are being created in parallel mediums and both channels complement each other. So when you need adigital marketing agency in Dubai, dont look for only digital skills, but for 360 degree skill set.

Is the agency capable of

  • creating a e-commerce site,
  • designing a 300 page catalog in Adobe Indesign,
  • coding an HTML newsletter
  • adapting the videos coming from HQ to local culture
  • planning traditional media with the best possible rates
  • shooting professional videos with in-house media team
  • mastering a radio commercial
  • managing Google and LinkedIn campaigns properly and indepth

Besides 360 approach, aDigital marketing agencyis an agency that provides strategic direction, creative design, and technical development for screen-based products and services to their clients. It must be a full-service digital communication partner that delivers branding, development, marketing, media production, and analytics solutions to brands.

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