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August 22, 2011 at 2:55 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

The Micro-Bot Revolution!

By John More Blogs by This Author

Imagine a tiny robot swimming through your veins and breaking up any clogging in your arteries, giving real time feedback on virus updates to your doctor, analyzing and removing cancerous cells, basically keeping you healthy from the comfort of your "home."

To most this would seem an excerpt from a science fiction novel, but it is a reality! Researchers are currently developing what they call "medical micro-bots" that will aid medical professionals in assessment and treatment of countless medical ailments.

Imagine a world where each person is equipped with the technology to keep them clean and healthy during each moment of their daily lives. The average age for humanity would sky rocket and many of the health issues that we face today would be eliminated. Imagine the hope cancer patients would be allowed knowing that there is a technology that could hunt down and remove the cancerous cells from their body.

So much of this is still in the testing phase, but the implications are tremendous and cause for an extreme amount of excitement by anyone who is paying attention. With so much going on in the world to make us doubt the truest nature of humanity, it is a breath of the freshest type of air to see human ingenuity work on a scale other than destruction and deceit.

If you want to read a little more about these miraculous little robots, click on some the articles below.

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  • It's amazing and could be hugely beneficial for sure, but will it also create new health problems all it's own. Will tiny computer robots break down and clog up a vein? Or even worse - malfunction and shoot out electricity? Could be pretty bad if it happened to be in your brain at the time...

  • They don't actually run on electricity, they use the magnetic fields your body generates to propel themselves. Also, the materials that they are made of dissolve naturally into your bloodstream, kind of like the capsules you take in your average cold pill.

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