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SSD Cloud Server Challenge Your Imagination! — an article on the Smart Living Network
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SSD Cloud Server Challenge Your Imagination!


Aiming to reduce the costs and provide the most appropriate service to the needs of the users with cloud technology, which enables faster and safer server management, Turhost has realized great innovations in cloud server services that will provide high efficiency in terms of price/performance.Ideal for corporate SQL, Big data, and SAP loads!With our new cloud servers, you get the maximum performance you expect from a cloud server.With our Cloud Servers with 32 GB and 64 GB ECC RAM, you can perform Enterprise Data Management such as SQL, SAP, Big Data faster, uninterruptedly, and securely.Meet your cloud servers with powerful hardware and 100% cloud architecture and get your high-performance cloud server at an affordable price!Our New Cloud Servers, which we call SSD Server 32 and SSD Server 64, have 100% corporate SSD disks and offer unrivaled performance with 200 Mbit Ports.Features of Our New Cloud ServersWith 100% real enterprise hardware and 100% cloud architecture servers, you can have the highest performance and the most affordable price. Check out the grid hosting review.Operating System: You can choose from Windows or Linux operating system.Flexible Database Management: You can use any database version of MSSQL Express, MSSQL Web Edition, and MSSQL Standard Edition.Free Control Panel: You can have a $ 10 monthly Plesk Panel for Free to make your server management even more practical, or you can have cPanel, one of the world's most preferred hosting control panels, for $ 15 per month.Also, when you buy SSD Cloud Server, you can set up your control panel.Special Resources for You: All resources are reserved for you in SSD Cloud Server. Thus, you get maximum performance from your server. You need professional email hosting UK that matches your domain.Unrivaled features of the new Cloud Server10 vCPU Xeon E5 Processor (2.6 GHz / 3.3GHz)300GB SSD Disk64GB ECC RAM200 Mbit Port (4000GB / month AKK)Windows and Linux operating systemFree Turkish Control Panel (Plesk Panel)TIER III Data Center (Trk Telekom Gayrettepe)Real Enterprise Hardware100% Cloud ArchitectureYou can contact our support unit for more detailed information about the cloud server.General Information about SSL CertificatesSSL certificates are a product that checks the accuracy of the site addresses and ensures the secure communication of the data communication between the two points through the encrypted channel. SSL certificates never secure the code you write or your website.SSL certificates differ depending on the warranty, support service, and additional features they offer. The technical achievement of all certificates is the same.Rapid products are suitable for all individual internet addresses that want to use SSL. Grid hosting is offering reliable windows web hosting UK services.Wildcard SSL products also support surnames on the internet address. For example;,, * .isimtescil.netSSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to ensure security and privacy during the transfer of information on the network.SSL ensures that the information sent can only be deciphered at the right address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct receiver. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information are protected by verification on both sides.The strength of the encryption method used in the data flow depends on the key length used. Key length is very important to protect information. For example; It is extremely easy to decrypt a transmission over 8 bits. A bit refers to a number of the binary counting system. A bit can take 2 different values, 0 or 1. The 8 bit contains only 28 = 256 possible different keys. A computer can conclude by examining these 256 different possibilities in turn. 40 bit and 128, 256, 1024 bit encryption are used in SSL protocol. There are 2128 different keys in 128-bit encryption, and it takes a lot of time and money to decrypt it. A malicious person needs to spend 67 years after investing $ 1 million to decrypt the 128-bit password. Hillingdon grid webmail marketing services are available for business owners.PropertiesProvides security and privacy in encrypting and deciphering messagesEnsures that the sender and the recipient of the message are the right placesVerifies the date and time of the transmitted documentsStreamlines document archivingHow should it be installed?For detailed information about SSL setups, please contact our support team.Products that cannot be returnedSSL certificates installed or activated.What are the Advantages of Using SSL?- SSL Certificate provides trust and security to your website.- SSL Certificate encrypts data and protects personal and sensitive data.- SSL Certificate adds prestige to your website and institution.- SSL Certificate increases the conversion rate in e-commerce sites.- Increases the reputation of your website's search engine (SEO) with an SSL Certificate.Quick SSL Premium CertificatesQuick SSL Premium is a certificate produced by Geo Trust. Medium-sized e-commerce sites are suitable for all services that require a web-based e-mail and other secure communication needs. With the dynamic site seal feature, you can ensure that all your visitors can see that your website is protected by hillingdon grid webmailPremium is the most prestigious SSL Certificate obtained without a document. It is activated as short as 30 minutes. It is 100% compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. For this reason, it is among the most preferred SSL certificates. Buy the best and cheap window hosting UK service.All Quick SSL Premium SSL certificates are insured against losses that may arise from installation errors during the purchase period. In this case, you can automatically reproduce your certificate from your control panel. If the certificate does not work as expected, an unconditional refund is made within 7 days.RapidSSL CertificatesRapidSSL certificates are the most preferred fast SSL certificates. RapidSSL is preferred with its price and instant activation feature. The activation time is 30 minutes and does not require any documents. Since domain verification is done, you only need to confirm the confirmation email sent to the address you selected.RapidSSL is compatible with all browsers.All RapidSSLgridhosting review certificates are insured against losses that may arise from installation errors during the first 7 days, in this case, you can automatically reproduce your certificate from your control panel. If the certificate does not work as expected, an unconditional refund is made within 7 days.

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