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Professional Webinar Transcription Services


Only an expert of the subject or an experienced webinar transcriptionist can deal with them.A trained person can type 80 words per minute, which means, for an audio of 1 hour, it will take 3-4 hours of them to complete the transcription. Now, think of yourself or any unprofessional person performing the same thing, the time taken for maintaining the same accuracy can be double or triple the time of an expert.Thus, opting for webinar transcription services are important. These services can be very helpful for students moving to a new country for studies, if you are learning a new language from a foreign learning school, etc. Only the best academic transcription service can make things easy for the lecturers, since they can transcribe their lectures as well as publish them online for students around the world.webinar research transcription services can also be used by the research students for their thesis and research paperwork.Finding the best academic transcription agency needs you to focus on the following factors

1. Quality and Accuracy Only an experienced and native transcriber can transcribe the academic audios, video, etc. A company that has subject matter experts, who understands a subjects technical terms, can offer you the highest quality with excellent accuracy.

2. Human Transcribers Any service provider offering automatic transcription service can never provide you the level of quality and accuracy that you desire for. Only an agency having native human translators can do that. The accuracy of a human translator is 98% and on the other hand, for a transcription machine, the accuracy is around 70% only.

3. Pricing Next factor to check for is the pricing. Dont rush behind a service that is offering cheap academic transcription services. Always match the prices with the quality and accuracy factor to calculate whether the quality of the transcripts is worth the money or not?

4. Standards The webinar transcription service provider should be an ISO certified agency, with other relatable compliances and should be a member of ATA.

5. Samples Dont trust any webinar transcription service provider before looking at their samples. You can ask them to do some sample work for you or you can ask them for their previous work samples as well. Usually, you can find the samples on the transcription agencys website.

6. Data Security The security of your data is the most vital thing. If an agency is offering academic interview transcription or webinar research transcription services, the data security is the most important factor because these includes patent works as well. Knowing how secure your data is with a transcription agency is super important


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