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Mobile superchargers: batteries charge in 13 minutes

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The manufacturer Vivo (of the Chinese group BBK Electronics, like mobile Oppo, Dimon and One Plus ) announced during the celebration of the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai its Super Flash charge technology, which significantly reduces the charging time of batteries the mobiles.
According to Vivo, the Super Flash Charge 120W is the first mobile charger that offers a load of 120 watts of power, 20 volts at 6 amps. Charging is done through the usual USB-C port on current phones.According to the data obtained in laboratory tests - they say from Vivo - the Super Flash Charge 120W takes only 5 minutes to charge a 4,000 mAh battery from 0 to 50% of its capacity, and it can fully charge the smartphone in only 13 minutes. "
The fact is that Vivo talks about "laboratory tests", and does not mention when the Super Flash Charge 120W will be commercially available, and probably will not be immediate: ultrafast charging increases the risks of battery overheating and overheating, in addition to shortening your widow Useful.
The batteries, the Achilles heel of mobile phonesUntil now there have been other brands of the same matrix that have offered high-speed chargers, although none of them compare in speed with what is now announced by Vivo.
For example, the One Plus 6T McLaren Edition has a 50-watt charger that replenishes the 3,700 mAh battery capacity in half an hour.
As with electric cars, batteries are the great pending subject of technology. The capabilities of the new mobiles, with screens of high resolution and size, processors several times more powerful than the computers that took the man to the Moon and high-speed connectivity, still have their Achilles heel in the limitations of capacity to store energy per unit volume.
However, as with electric cars, fast charging helps mitigate these limitations. Reducing the charging time of the batteries does not solve the problem of having autonomy (in mobile phones, computers or cars) but it does contribute to improving the user experience.

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