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Local SEO guide for Small businesses in Toronto

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It is a dream to have a successful small business and watch it become big. To make it happen, you have to work really hard when you start the business. You have to be everything from the janitor to CEO to marketing head.The Internet has now become part and parcel of our life. It becomes really important for a small business to have an effective online presence. This will help reach more people and even go international one day. Here's where SEO comes in

What is SEO? Why is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a way to optimize your website with quality and quantity to increase the online traffic to your website. There are thousands of SEO service providers. You can always hire an ex pert in SEO who will do the work, but you should still be aware of the basic principles of SEO and should be aware of the services provided to you. One of the most basic principles is that Google is always looking to fulfill the searcher's intent and not yours. The content of your website is important, but it's even important to strive to fulfill the searcher's intent.

Moving up through content

It helps to ask the question, "What content will increase the odds that you will fulfill the search engine users' intents?"

Let us say you sell bags online; there will be thousands of other sites selling bags. Even though we cannot be sure that the intent of the search was to buy bags, Google will show websites that sell bags.

To increase the chances of people clicking on your website, you should provide multiple options for all types of bags. If you have a variety of school bags, you will more likely fulfill the single intent of a user searching school bags.

Link Building for High Authority

Everyone talks about links when they talk about SEO. Link building is challenging. If there are more chances of a particular link being clicked on the internet, that link will have more importance. We can think of these links as votes where some votes have more weight than others.

It helps to ask the question, Is there a reason outside of link building for the link to exist" while building links. The link is more likely to have weight if the answer to the question is yes. Imagine yourself as the visitor of the link and ask yourself if you would be satisfied with where the link lands you. Don't put links at random places just for the sake of it.

Local SEO be your priority

When you start out as a small business owner, give more importance to Local SEO. The local nature of links becomes more important than the volume. Provide variety your business and location with Bing. Make use of Google maps and the specific location of your business.


If you can read up and have a basic understanding of the algorithms that Google uses to rank websites, it will be really helpful to build a good website. Reading about the technicalities of SEO, aforementioned local seo tips for small business can help you grow substantially.


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