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How to choose the Best Marketing Dissertation Topics for better grades


One of the most common ways for a teacher or professor to understand the logical reasoning and aptitude of a student is by providing them with dissertation topics. The importance of a dissertation is something that no graduate student will ever deny. In fact, so many a times students need to work extra just to piece their dissertation together.

Marketing dissertation topics are very diverse and the main reason why marketing dissertations prove to be so troubling is that it is indeed a very very large and diverse subject. Most of the times, students face the most trouble in deciding which marketing dissertation topic to choose.

Most students who choose to do an MBA and BBA in marketing, are the ones who are required to do in-depth research on business dissertation topics and other management based dissertation topics. There is no doubt in understanding that there is a lot of hard work and determination and long hours of paperwork.

One of the most common issues that students face while they write their marketing dissertation is that they often lose interest while they write the dissertations on the different marketing dissertation topics given to them. The best ways to avoid this boredom and loss of interest is to choose a marketing topic that interests you the most and one that you have an expertise in.

The moment you choose to side with a topic that interests you, writing a dissertation wont be so monotonous and boring. Along with that, you will always be motivated to write better and will always try to put in more efforts to write the dissertation in a way that you can score the highest marks and grades.

As a student, if you are stuck with narrowing in on a topic that you can write your dissertation for here are a couple of business and management dissertation topics that one can write on.

Business Dissertation Topics:

  • Study of factors influencing organizational changes.

  • An analysis of brand management in the global economy
  • Managing supply chain vulnerability

  • International Management Strategy

  • The multicultural design manager

Management Dissertation topics

  • How marketing influences the decision of buyers

  • Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction

  • Social media and the way it influences on customer purchase

  • How a brand name affects the way customers buy

  • The importance of complete customer satisfactionMarketing dissertation topics

So if you are ever stuck while writing your marketing dissertation and need a head start with finalising on which topic to choose to write on, take some time off and think hard on what topic you want to write on. After all the more you connect with a dissertation topic the better you can write on it.

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