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Google Announces New Features in the Firebase of Web Apps

By Olivia Smith More Blogs by This Author

As we are moving towards the digital world, mobile apps are gaining immense popularity across the globe. Today, more than 2 million mobile apps are operating on Firebase and Google is continuously planning to improvise the platform and make it more effective forAndroid App Developers.

Firebase is something that will be common for mobile app developers. It has many astonishing features such as integration of Google analytics, performing A/B testing, and tracking the crash which developers love to use. With integrating Google analytics you can know about the overall app usage and enhance the user experience.

Well, Google extended the set of features from mobile to the web. The tech leader has declared comprehensive features like supporting Google Analytics for web apps, app distribution and many others.

Overview of Features:

Firebase Extensions:

Using firebase extensions, a developer can decrease the spent time on writing boilerplate code. It is a form of a pre-packaged bundle of codes that cover multiple tasks such as resizing of thumbnails, minimizing URLs, and adding people to the email lists. These few extensive features will solve the existing issues and make the firebase more worth to use for startups.

Expanding Analytics:

Now, you can integrate Google Analytics for web applications also. Web developers are also able to record the properties and enhance user retention like their Android app developers counterparts. Along with this, they can do closed funnel analysis and are able to establish users in Analytics.

App Distribution:

This is the new feature that is added to the firebase. With the help of App distribution, mobile app developers are able to manage the distribution of the pre-launched version of both Android and iOS platforms. They can also handle the numerous testing groups and can publish the latest apps for more distributions.

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