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Get All That You Wanted To Know About CCTV Security Cameras Sales & Installations

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Almost every place that you visit today, be it the malls, the offices, schools, colleges, residential complexes as well as individual houses have CCTV Cameras installed in them. The increased usage of CCTV Camera stems from the fact that the crime rates around the world are at a rise today. Apart from crimes, the incidents of violence are also increasing at an exponential rate.


All these incidents give birth to fear among people which can be mitigated to an extent by installing security cameras. Even police authorities throughout the world suggest that security camera Installations must be undertaken where ever possible as they curb the crime rates to a great extent.


Different Types of Cameras


If you have noticed security cameras in different places you may have taken note of the fact that the cameras though installed for similar purposes, differ in terms of shape and size. It is also possible that in some places you may not be able to know that there is a CCTV camera unless you are informed that you are under surveillance.


Each type of camera comes with its own unique sets of features and advantages. It is important for you to understand these cameras, their functions and differences to understand what best suits your purpose. Here is a brief description of each type:

  1. Dome Shaped Cameras: As suggested by the name of the camera, the entire system is enclosed within a dome shaped casing that offers an unobstructed view of everything surrounding the camera. These types of cameras however are not hidden and can be easily spotted by anyone. But since they are enclosed, it is difficult to tell which side the camera is facing, thus preventing crimes anywhere near it.
    The advanced models, known as the Speed domes also offers features that allows you tilt, move and even zoom in a particular direction as and when necessary.
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  3. Bullet Cameras:Taking its name from the resemblance to rifle bullet, these cameras are long and cylindrical in shape. Such a shape is meant to facilitate long distance viewing. However functions such as pan, tilt and zoom are absent in these cameras, allowing the recording to be done only in a single direction.
    They are mostly put in indoor usages. However in cases when they are put outside, it is always advisable to put them inside protective gears against environmental factors such as the dust, dirt or rain.
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  5. Day/Night cameras:These cameras are designed in such a way that they can work under all types of lighting conditions. Be it the glare of the sun or an ill lit area, these cameras can perform their functions efficiently. As they support all kinds of lighting conditions, they are ideal for outdoors.
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  7. IP CCTV Camera:These are wireless CCTV cameras that can be accessed via computer from anywhere in the world. They are ideal if you want to monitor situations where you cannot be present physically.
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Now that you know about some of the major types available for CCTV Security Cameras Hobe Sound, opt for them and enjoy total protection!

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