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Commonly Asked Questions About Domain Name


A domain name suggestion is a tool which helps you to find the most specific domain name for your website. Also, suggested domain names will be keyword specific. Domain names in search result would also contain TLDs.

A domain name is the identity of your brand. Wherever you want to announce or promote your brand, you will need this domain name. It is a combination of a keyword and domain name extension.COM, .IN etc.

This post will help you to find answers to some of the commonly asked questions related to domain name suggestions. So, lets get started.

Common Questions About Domain Name Suggestion:

A perfect way to understand something is to ask a question. You would have certainly noticed several questions while searching for something online. Below are some commonly ask questions related to domain name suggestion.

What is Domain Name Suggestion Tool?

Domain name suggestion is a tool to provide several domain names based on the search keyword. Popular hosting companies offer the feature of domain name suggestion box on their website. User, who is looking for a domain name, certainly need hosting plan and other necessary services required to set up a business or blogger website.

How to Select A Keyword For Website Name?

Keyword depends on the type of business you want to run. Think like a user perspective, if you want to reach on your website, what are the word you will use in the search field. Also, when you start typing something on Google search field, you will see some auto search result. These search results refer to commonly search keywords. You can think of selecting from one of those keywords for your domain name.

A keywords length should not be less than 3 characters and more than 10 characters. This is a standard format and keyword is in between the above mention result certainly give you a fruitful result.

How to Get Domain Suggestions?

It has become a cakewalk now. You just have to be quick and active. First, you think of some keyword which will perfectly suit your brand name. Reach out to a reliable domain name suggestion source, as the same source will be used for the domain name registration or domain purchase. So, put the word in the suggestion box, hit enter to the relevant button next to the field.

Suggestion box will display several results in front of you. These results are in the complete form of the website name. It means the suggested domain name will have the domain name extension too. Select one of the domain names with popular domain name extension.

What Should I Do, If I Am Not Getting An Expected Domain Name?

Yes, this situation is quite natural. You are not a single user who is looking for a domain name. These are millions other who search for their expected domain name. When you search for the desired domain name, the chances are high that the domain name is solved or taken away by somebody.

You dont need to be disappointed. You should have a list of domain name suggestion tools. Search for your requirement for every tool. Even then, you dont see the desired domain name then try to consider others which appear in the search. Also, you can be ready with more than two domain names. So, the chances of receiving the domain name become high.

Some people search with a name or keyword only. And some search with a complete brand name that keyword and extension like People dont want to compromise with the keyword and the extension.

There are domain name suggestion tools that respect users opinion and show the several domain names with extension. So, you can follow any of the approaches, and certainly, you would find the most appropriate and memorable domain name for your website.

End Result:

From the above questions, the importance of a domain name has been clear. Undeniably, domain name holds a vital place in a business as it is represented everywhere in the companys promotion. So, it is essential to have good preparation in finalising and purchasing a domain name.

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