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Common Wire Connection Problems and Their Solutions — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 10, 2019 at 7:34 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Common Wire Connection Problems and Their Solutions


Holiday decorations are all about adding fun, sparkle and warmth to your home or office. While these decorations beautify your space, it is also important to note that it carries the risk of fire or electrical injury if not used cautiously.

Dont let an avoidable accident take away the enjoyment out of your holidays. Here mentioned are a few essential safety precautions that will help you celebrate the festive season, without having to worry about the electrical wiring.

Be careful about what you touchrn

More lighting means more wires. In case the electrical house wiring is not done correctly, then it might lead to danger. So, you must watch out for the wires during the festive season. Only if required, then you may handle the wires and that too not without wearing rubber gloves. This will undoubtedly ensure no electric flows to your body, and thus, protect you from shocks and harmful accidents.

Go for the right material

Utilizing the right materials for quality output is crucial while working on the electrical wiring. You need to make sure that elements such as waterproof junction boxes, wiring connectors, electrical staples, etc. are of high quality so that you are well protected.

Choose the appropriate junction box

During the festivals, a lot of wires entangled inside the wall can be noticed. Well, this is done for a beautiful exterior display. But, it is essential to fit the best quality waterproof junction box and conceal the wires internally. Doing this will ensure no wires are exposed to the children in the house, and thus, keep them safe from electric shocks. It is an excellent method for assuring safe house electrical wiring.

Fixing the fuse problem is crucial

While replacing a fuse is essential as soon as it gets blown. It is more significant to fix the reason which caused the blow. If this problem is not resolved, then efforts for replacing the fuse would not make much sense.

Replace old wires and don't overload

As the wires start showing the signs of deterioration or wearing out, you must replace them. If the old cables do get not replaced, then the chance of occurrence of electrical hazards is higher. Also, refrain from overload in outlets and extension cords, as this can lead to fire hazards. Before plugging in, find out the wattage rating of your extension cord, as well as the power requirements of any lights or decorations you might be planning to plug into it.


Following the tips mentioned above will keep your family members and your beautiful houses safe during the festive season.

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