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BUILD A JOB PORTAL SCRIPT-Summary of functions kept by scale

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BUILD A JOB PORTAL SCRIPT-Summary of functions kept by scalern rn Essential features for small recruiting sites rnEven though it is a small-scale site, it has to meet a variety of needs, which is surprisingly difficult.rnWhat kind of function is specifically required?rnLet's consider what is required by the user side and the administrator side.rnrn (I) Scale [Small] Users want to search efficiently and apply directly!rnrnThe first thing you need for building a recruitment portal site is the "employment information". The point here is how efficiently users can search and obtain the information they want.rnThe next thing you need is a job application function. Even if you find good job information, if you can't apply from there, it's just information.rnWhat users are looking for is a feature that allows them to search for jobs quickly and then apply for them immediately .rnrn(ii) Scale [Small] Administrators want to manage information simply and reliably!rnrnAn administrator is required to operate the recruitment portal site. It is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to have a manager, so it is necessary to operate efficiently.rnAlso, no matter how small your site is, there are three things you need as a minimum feature.rn Management of recruitment informationrn Viewing information of applicantsrn Management of WEB staffrn"Job information management"rnSince it is a recruiting portal site, the information about the main content of recruitment must be posted correctly. Also, be careful about expressions that are prohibited in recruiting jobs.rnMoreover, it must be constantly updated to provide the latest information . If a user applies for a job, but the frame is already filled, the user cannot trust the portal site.rnMaintenance is always required, and it will be a job that the administrator wants to do without hassle.rn rn"Applicant information browsing"rnrnYou should always check the information and number of users who have applied for a job . It will lead to employment, and personal information will be included, so it must be handled properly.rnIf you have a lot of applications, it will be very convenient when you look back later if you can easily search.rnIt will be even easier to use if it has a data management function such as aggregation.rn rn"Administration of Web staff"rnrnRecently, security problems have come to the fore, and there is also the risk of hijacking portal sites.rnIn addition, if there is a malicious person inside the company, we cannot abandon the possibility of misusing the password to obtain information.rnLet's clarify the authority of the administrator and general users and give the necessary authority to the administrator .rnEssential features for mid-sized recruiting sitesrnWhen it comes to medium-sized sites, you have to expect a certain degree of stable operation.rnIn particular, along with the capacity of the server, it is necessary to make the portal site itself easy to see and provide appropriate information to users who want to see more job listings.rnYou'll also need original features that you won't find on smaller sites.rnrn (i) Scale [Medium] User wants to register as a member!rnrnIt seems that users want to apply easily when using the medium-sized recruiting site.rnAs the scale increases, the number of job offers will increase, so there will be more than one job offer you would like to apply for. At that time, it is very difficult to enter information each time.rnIf you enter the wrong information, your chances of finding a job can be diminished. Therefore, the user side requires the function to register as a member.rnrn(ii) Equipped with membership registrationrnrnThe administrator side is required to "manage personal information of members" by adding the member registration function.rnIt is important to adopt higher security measures to protect the personal information of important users. It also leads to the trust of users.rnThe "Favorites" function is convenient for users who have registered as members. If you find a job you're interested in, but want to think a little more, it's convenient to put it in your favorites so you can look back at it later.rnrn Scale [Medium] The administrator wants to manage user information in an easy-to-understand manner!rnrnWhen it comes to medium-scale jobs, many applications can be submitted for one job. From that, the administrator must ensure that the client is provided with the user's information.rnApplicants' ability to browse resumes should be manageable, even in the event of huge volumes.rnBesides, it is necessary to manage the progress of applicants. It is necessary to visualize to the related personnel whether or not to proceed to the interview and to what stage it is currently progressing .rn rnEssential features for large-scale recruitment sitesrnrnWhen it comes to large-scale sites, there are famous names that can be seen on TV commercials. As a result, more users will use it due to the synergistic effect.rnIn consideration of SEO etc., the recruitment site itself has been devised to make it easier to attract users. In many cases, we are trying to differentiate by implementing useful functions that medium-sized sites do not have.rnThen what kind of function is desired?rnrn (i) Scale [Large] Users want personal interaction!rnrnAs a user, it is very difficult to find the job that you want from among too many job postings. Even if you have enhanced the search function, it will take time to get to the information you really want.rnTherefore, if there is a function to "scout" users from the company side, users can save time and effort to search. There is also an advantage that you can find a job that may suit you and if you are looking for a job you want, you can get closer to employment .rnBesides, when you want to make a little inquiry, it is more convenient to have a "chat function" than the question form.rnrn (ii) Scale [Large] Managers are also aware of scouts!rnrnWhen it comes to professional sports, it's natural to scout students.rnWhile operating the recruitment site, the point is to find out rough diamonds from the users who are registered members and "scout".rnIn order to find excellent human resources suitable for a company, it is preferable that the "management screen for companies" is simple and easy to use when it is managed by multiple managers .rn rnrn

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