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A laser allows people to be identified by heartbeat

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The device developed by the Pentagon and called Jetson consists of an infrared light laser vibrometer (invisible to the human eye) that can observe a person's heartbeat about 200 meters away.
This 'cardiac signature', as with fingerprints, face or iris, belongs to the set of what is called 'biometric fingerprints', traits that are unique and exclusive in each person and therefore allow them to be distinguished and identified individually.autThe Jetson laser works as a Doppler laser vibrometer that allows you to measure the vibrations and oscillations of a surface, in this case, those that occur in the heart because of the beating.
Laser vibrometry to quantify the movement of the heartIn engineering, vibrometry has numerous applications; from the automotive industry, to detect vibrations in engines and vehicles, and even in infrastructure maintenance, such as verifying from the ground that unwanted vibrations do not occur in wind turbines.
As with other biometric traces, the relationship between an identity and a biometric trait will only be possible if there is a previous record that associates this unique character with a specific person.
In its current version, the Jetson laser can identify a specific individual with 95% accuracy "under the right conditions", which with the current prototype requires that the person be seated or standing.
More effective than facial recognition Unlike what happens with fingerprints or with the face, the heart rate is more difficult, if not impossible, to modify or hide.
The Jetson laser can "read" the cardiac footprint through clothing. And using a laser of greater power can, in theory, be used from a greater distance.
"I do not say that subjects can be identified from space," says Steward Remaly, a Pentagon official at MIT Technology Review. "But from a greater distance."

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