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5086 aluminum plate supplier China Mingtai


The5086 aluminum plate supplierchina Mingtai is specializing in supply typical aluminum alloy for shipbuilding welding. 5086 aluminum plate has the highest strength, good weldability, corrosion resistance and low temperature performance in non-heat treated alloys. It is used to construct the main structure of the hull.

Aluminum plate is used widely in the world's shipbuilding industry, from small rafts, motorboats to 10,000 tons of wheels, from civilian vessels to military vessels, from high-speed hovercraft to deep-water submarines, from fishing vessels to mining vessels, 5000 series marine grade aluminum with high performance are used as hulls, superstructures and various facilities. The main 5000 alloy used is 5083 alloy, and other AA5086, AA5454 and AA5754 alloys, they are all non-heat treatable alloys. The mechanical properties of the marine grade aluminum alloy depend on the chemical composition of the alloy and the hot rolling temperature. The supply tempers ofmarine 5086 aluminum platealloy is O temper (hot rolling, annealing), H111 and H116 temper (hot rolling, work hardening, stabilization treatment). The latter is resistant to stress corrosion and prevents intergranular corrosion cracking of the material caused by the tropical climate.
Although the strength loss of the heat-affected zone after welding of AA5086-H111 alloy is less than the O temper, it is still insufficient compared with the H116 or H321 temper. Since the two tempers are in a work hardening state and have a metastable grain structure, the strength of the heat affected zone can be better recovered by the treatment. So, the main product of 5086 aluminum plate supplier is 5086 H111 and 5086 H116.

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