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March 9, 2012 at 1:59 PMComments: 1 Faves: 1

Tripping Up Alcoholism

By E.M. Wollof from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have recently rehashed a study that took place in the 60's and 70's, on using LSD to treat alcoholism. Apparently, these researchers feel as though their predecessors were on to something, as they are publishing the results and moving into further trials.

No, The Spiders Aren't Real Sir....

Some have obviously rebelled at the idea of providing raging alcoholics with yet another substance to latch on to, but the researchers feel that the LSD will give the subjects a different point of view on their heavy drinking. The data from the first trials involved 536 volunteers who were split into groups and given a full dose of LSD, a lower dose, a stimulant drug, and a placebo respectively.

The researchers found that 12 months after dropping acid, 59 percent of the subjects showed what could be called a "clear improvement" and the rest just weren't groovy enough. They also found that the effect wore off after a few months, leading them to believe that it should be taken "periodically" alongside other treatment options.

A current researcher commented that given the massive amount of information on the "beneficial effect(s)" of LSD on alcoholism, "it is puzzling why this treatment approach has been largely overlooked."


I was sitting on the fence while reading/writing this piece, but that last quote keeps grabbing my attention as being really stupid. There is no doubt that LSD has some "mind-expanding" effects and has turned many a square into a pleasant circle, but the pleasurable nature of lysergic acid diethylamide doesn't seem to be an issue here. The issue for me seems to be that we are trading one potentially harmful substance for another with subjects that have already proven that they have difficulty with moderation.

I can't imagine that an addict would say no to something as "efficient" as acid either. There is rarely a hangover, many a pleasant experience, and they will be getting it by prescription (an easy justification for being an addict in today's society). While I applaud the research being opened up again, I find it hard to accept that this is the best course of action for those who have chosen to hide themselves in a bottle.


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  • I'm sure that cocaine would get you over a porn addiction too. Just saying...

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