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Wood crusher

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The wood chip crusher produced by our company is a special equipment for producing high quality wood chips (sawdust), which is widely used in papermaking, edible fungi, mechanism charcoal, particle board, sawdust board, high density board, MDF and other industrial production preparation sections. A single wood powder (sawdust) production base, the cutting raw materials are mainly logs and branches. It can process wood, branches and other raw materials into sawdust at one time, and has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefit, convenient use and maintenance.


Sawdust crusher adapts to materials: The wood chip crusher can process pine, miscellaneous wood, Yangmu, Chinese fir and raw bamboo. Due to its compact structure, small footprint, good crushing quality, low power consumption, and suitable for mobile work, it is widely used in small and medium-sized particleboard and fiberboard. The preparation section of the production enterprise can also be used for the production of commercial wood chips by individual households.
Wood chip crusher equipment features:
1. Small wood chip crusher is a special equipment for wood crushing series invented after years of research and design according to the needs of industrial production. Due to reasonable design, compact structure, safety, durability and high production efficiency, after promotion and use, the effect is good. The whole set of equipment is driven by only one motor, with low noise, simple structure, compact arrangement, low price, stable operation and energy consumption. Less, high output, good quality of wood chip products and low processing costs.2. The wood chip crusher integrates slicing and crushing into one, which can cut the branches and branches of the chip with a diameter of 1-20 cm. It can also be used for the chipping of fibrous stalk materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk and sorghum stalk.3, the diameter of 5-20 cm rod and 20 cm wide plate can be smashed. The machine has a small volume and high output, and can also be used for mobile work. Used in small charcoal plants and feed processing industries.

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