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August 30, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Stripes Here-n-There // Lunch Time in the Fall

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the What's Your Style Blog Series

Combining stripes - is there a right way or wrong way to do this?

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I love this outfit from Urban Exchange! Stripes will never go out of style, but combining stripes in an outfit can be a challenge.

This grey and navy mini skirt by Gap is a cute fall piece to add to any wardrobe! The stripes have a medium thickness and are horizontal. Stripes can be tricky to wear, they can give the illusion of wideness in the wrong areas, so when considering stripes, it is best to try the item on to make sure it is flattering.

The cute ruffle blouse by Banana Republic pulls the eye easily upward, and offers a little flirty sex-appeal to it without being trashy. When doing a ruffle blouse, make sure to keep the outfit from looking like Jack Sparrow just pulled into port! This classic blouse is easy to keep fresh and modern with the right accessories.

The red pop of color from the scarf and necklaces ties in nicely to this entire outfit. This knitted scarf is perfect for those breezy fall days.

The red beaded necklace, vintage-inspired bold jewel necklace, and the simple little silver necklace (look closely, it is hard to spot) are great accessories to tie the outfit together.

This cute suede, brown hat is a great way to prevent your hair from blowing all around on those windy days!

Here is one more striped piece to add to this ensemble. A purse, by Let Them Eat Cake, is the perfect touch, with the stripes being thinner and vertical then what is on the skirt will make someone do a double-take!

Fall is the perfect season to pull out the boots! These gorgeous burgundy leather boots are just the right height for this attire too!

When combining stripes it is important to make sure one striped piece is an accessory versus the entire outfit being in stripes. Also, mix-matching the vertical and horizontal stripes will help the eye take in each individual piece. Now go forth and combine stripes in your wardrobe!

Urban Exchange :: UE is always on trend with their clothing and accessories. Don’t be deterred by the prospect of wearing a consignment item. This upscale consignment store makes sure all their items are clean, steamed, and ready to sell. Consignment shopping is a fun way to save money while recycling fabulous fashions!

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