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July 12, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 3 Faves: 0

Rose Haven // Casual Dining

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the What's Your Style Blog Series

This sweet-in-rose hues ensemble at Urban Exchange consignment offers great casual flair for enjoying a dining experience with your friends or partner.

I chose this outfit, because many people wear an entire outfit in the same color. There is a right way and wrong way to do this. The right way is to make sure each piece is a slightly different hue, but in the same color palette. The wrong way is wearing one entire color from top to bottom (including all accessories, YIKES!!).

Would you wear an outfit all in one color? Do you think it is tacky when people do this? Is there a right or wrong way? Share your thoughts?

The adorable one-piece dress by Theme gives a bit of casual on the top, with its grey, t-shirt like tank and the rose-color crinkled chiffon fabric on the bottom adding a hint of finesse. I assumed, at first glance, that these were separate pieces, but after a closer examination, I found out it was one piece. How fun is that? I love dresses that give the illusion of two pieces but offer the simplicity of a one piece. The skirt also has a built in belt that ties in a cute bow in the front. Consider tying the built in belt in a wrap, side tie, or a knot.

The sleeveless, rose-colored knitted sweater by BB Dakota is longer in the front then the back. The sweater is a great addition to this outfit on those cool summer evenings.

Although both pieces have a rose hue to them, they vary in shade.

I love the trace of elegance the sheer scarf brings to this outfit. The scarf is also in the same color spectrum, but in person, it has more of a beige-rose hue to it. I LOVE scarves, and this one can be tied in various ways to change the styling up. This outfit can be worn with or without the scarf.

Four necklaces adorn this outfit! Two necklaces are short and beaded, another necklace that offers the look of a faux croc belt with chains, and lastly a long necklace with heart-shape and flower type charms.

A small purse, like this one from Express, is a great way to tie the outfit together. This purse is in a taupe hue, which helps to offset the outfit. The chain link handle can be worn over one shoulder, or as a cross-body. It is small enough to hold the essentials needed for a night out.

The final piece to this adorable outfit is the shoes! These faux croc, natural color heels by Apt. 9 (from Kohl’s) are easy on the eye and don't out-due the outfit. Keeping the purse and shoes in a more neutral color is helpful when trying to wear an outfit that is sharing hues.

Don't be afraid to wear an outfit comprised of similar colors. Just be selective on how you present it. Adding some neutral tones and different shades of that same color can make this fashion idea fun!

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  • super cute Victoria, you have a great eye! Did you purchase the outfit?

  • Thanks Nancy! No, the dress was not my size :-( But I love it and I hope it offers an insight on how one can get an adorable outfit shopping consignment!

  • Dressing in monochrome can make a very dramatic statement. Instead of breaking your figure up with different colors, your making the eye take you in as a whole. In that way, you're able to draw attention to your figure. I think the biggest challenge in this would be in the shape. Unflattering cuts can make you you look stumpy, or bigger than you really are, while good choices in shape can actually mask any figure imperfections you might have.

    For example, I have an outfit in gray - gray wedge boots, gray tights, gray button-up skirt, and long-sleeved embroidered, figure-fitting sweater - I love to wear, and I think it works well on me.

    Being of German and Swedish descent, I have the shorter limbs they evolved to prevent heat loss (longer, thinner limbs = more heat loss) and long torso. I am also, at 5'4," not particularly tall. By dressing in just one color though (and wearing tall gray wedges to match) I trick the eye not only into thinking I am longer/taller than I really am, but thinner too, as added height tends to do. I also, by wearing a shorter slightly flaired skirt that rests at my natural waist and cuts higher on my legs, make my legs and torso look more proportionate.

    I'd say if someone wanted to try a monochrome outfit, but was a little hesitant, dressing in a neutral color (white, gray, tan, brown, navy, black) monochrome is little less attention grabbing than say dressing in head to toe red, or green, or purple, but if you have the confidence to rock a bright colored monochrome outfit, I say "go!" :)

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