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July 19, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Color Blocking // Bright, Bold, Fun

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This Author

Color blocking is hot! At Urban Exchange consignment I found this adorable ensemble that offers a bold, bright, and hip look in one garment using color blocking! Whether you are going to work, have a date, or out to dinner with friends, this outfit is a fun piece for any type of outing.

Color blocking is two or more shades of a color boldly printed on a garment. Colors are usually bright and bold. Other colors can be used in color blocking such as black/white, or multiple bold colors, or any two colors that don't ";feel like they belong" together. The colors are not supposed to be matchy, in fact, just the opposite. I am talking total contrast!

Do you have a "color blocking" garment in your closet? If yes, what type of garment and colors? If no, would you consider wearing a color blocking garment?

Share your thoughts!

This cute color blocking dress has two colors that scream ~ Valentine! Although it isn't that time of year, don't let the theme scare you. This pink and red/orange dress combines two colors that are strikingly charming against each other.

With cap sleeves, this dress by H&M has a deep v-cut in the front that will require a cami. The cami in this ensemble is lacey and ivory in color (adding a cami of any color to a color blocking outfit will add more spice). The top portion is a bright pink hue, with the bottom portion having the red/orange skirt. I LOVE pockets! The skirt part has two slouchy pockets in the front. Although it looks like two separate pieces, this is a dress.

This floral scarf with different colors throughout, brings a delightfully fresh look to the outfit. I've mentioned before that I LOVE scarves. So you shouldn't be surprised that there is one with this outfit.

I decided to forgo jewelry this time around. Don't be afraid to add jewelry; I suggest adding bangles (multiple gold bracelets, thin, about 15-20) on your arm.

A woven clutch purse like this one by Vanessa brings out the spring/summer appeal this outfit has. Although this the colors are neutral, the purse is playing with color blocking too!

Shoes are a girl’s best friend! These natural-color, wedged heels by Loveculture are an easy way to offset the busy-ness of the outfit. By keeping the purse and shoes neutral, the outfit won't appeal flashy.

Remember color blocking can be fun; the key is to keep the colors bright and bold! It is better when the colors are distinctively contrasted. Try to keep your other accessories, like shoes and a purse, more neutral. Adding a bit of a pattern (like the scarf) is a great way to top the outfit off!

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