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What is the key to carbonization furnace technology? — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 17, 2019 at 11:30 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

What is the key to carbonization furnace technology?


Using charcoal machine equipment to produce charcoal, the most critical technology is the sawdust briquetting machine and carbonization furnace. Generally, charcoal friends use carbonized furnaces or self-made earthen kiln when carbonizing semi-finished charcoal. Whether it is the charcoal machine supporting facilities - carbonization furnace for carbonization, or the use of earth kiln for carbonization, basically use two types of drying methods for drying operations. One is internal drying and the dry distillation method is used for drying. In total, these two types of drying methods.

Carbonization furnace for wood charcoal

The carbonization temperature during carbonization is basically between five hundred and fifty degrees to six hundred degrees. The drying effect on charcoal is best in this interval. The drying time should not be less than the standard. Generally speaking, if carbonization is used for carbonization, the time will be longer. If it is carbonized for two days, if carbonization is carried out using earth kiln, the carbonization time will be longer, regardless of the length of time. The priority of carbonization should be ensured regardless of the priority, so as to ensure that the finished charcoal can be standard in the process.

It should be noted that when using any kind of equipment for drying, the temperature of the carbonization kiln or the carbonization furnace should be raised in advance. After filling the semi-finished charcoal, it is necessary to ensure that the charcoal is carbonized during the process to ensure that the seal is absolutely strict. As long as you master this element, that is, master the charcoal mechanism of charcoal, you can carbonize a good quality mechanism charcoal.

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