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What are the advantages of charcoal produced by charcoal briquette machine? — an article on the Smart Living Network
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What are the advantages of charcoal produced by charcoal briquette machine?


Charcoal briquette machineis professional equipment for the production of charcoal. It is also an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment that is continuously supported and supported by China. The charcoal produced by it has been recognized and selected by the market, and the sales volume is also constantly increasing. Then thecharcoal coal briquette machineWhat is the characteristics and development of charcoal produced?


The main characteristics of charcoal: high density, high calorific value, smokeless, odorless, non-polluting, non-explosive, flammable, is an internationally recognized green environmental protection product. The quality index of charcoal is: carbon content >85%, calorific value >8 thousand kcal, ash content <5%, volatile content <15%, moisture <4%, no impurities, the smokeless and odorless time when burning>3 Hours, carbon outer diameter 37-40mm intermediate aperture <15mm.

The original charcoal, also known as charcoal, is obtained by burning the stems, stems or roots of various trees in a charcoal kiln. Because of the difference in the size and moisture content of the original material, the quality of the solid material is not stable, and the crop straw is used. The fuel rods produced by the sawdust have different calorific values. As usual, the calorific value of the straw fuel rods is less than one-fourth less than the calorific value of the sawdust fuel rods. Therefore, the straw fuel rods are not suitable for further deep processing. Carbonization.

In the industry, charcoal can be used to smelt high-quality non-ferrous metals and cast iron; as a carburizing agent for machine parts, to improve the hardness and wear resistance of steel parts; to form explosives with potassium nitrate and sulfur; As a solid lubricant, this is very difficult to use the rotating parts that can not use the lubricating oil, as a graphite electrode; after the activated carbon, the application will become more and more, in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other aspects have applications. For example, purification of chemical agents, purification of drinking water and atmospheric harmful substances, gas masks, etc.; charcoal made from corn stalks and rice straw fuel rods, the iodine content reaches 500mg/g, close to the industrial activated carbon index, used for pollution management, Greatly low cost.

In agriculture, charcoal can improve temperature. After applying charcoal powder in the soil, the black carbon energy can absorb solar heat energy, which can raise the soil temperature by several degrees Celsius and promote seed germination. In addition, it can promote the germination of seeds that are not easy to germinate, and improve the rate of germination. After the charcoal powder is applied to the soil, the root can be naturally grown on the charcoal appearance, thus forming an agricultural soil suitable for plant cultivation, and stopping the so-called stationary stagnation; and the growth, brilliance, and taste of charcoal on grains, beans and vegetables. There are improvements.

When the relative humidity is more than 50%, the charcoal can absorb about 20% of the water and can be used to connect the soil moisture. At the same time, it can improve the permeability and drainage of the soil, providing an excellent living space for the microorganisms beneficial to plants. Using the adsorption power of charcoal, the pesticide and organic fertilizer content are linked to a balanced state. The use of this balance can make pesticides or fertilizers release slowly, connect the time, and is not easy to lose with rain. In life, people often use charcoal for heating, grilling, and shabu-shabu. Because of its smokeless taste, high calorific value and long burning time, it is more and more popular.

There are countless holes in the charcoal. These holes have the effect of absorbing the total contents of the forest and releasing the adsorbed substances so that people use it as a dehumidifying agent. When wet, charcoal will absorb moisture, and during the dry time, it will release the most moisture, which will play a wonderful role in regulating humidity. In addition, charcoal can also eliminate the smell and harmful substances in the room. The porosity of charcoal can not only retain the water required by the roots of the plants but also improve the permeability and drainage of the soil, providing a good living space for the microbes that benefit the plants. Therefore, the planting of potting soil is mixed with 5 percent. The charcoal of 10 beans can provide healthy growth for plants, while the patio trees strengthen the ability to resist pests and diseases.

According to the above analysis, it can be seen that the charcoal produced by the charcoal briquette machine has more advantages than the traditional charcoal and coal resources, and it can make good use of the agricultural and forestry waste to produce charcoal, and the charcoal produced at the same time has a wide range of use, energy saving, and environmental protection. It also contributes a lot to Chinas energy conservation and environmental protection.

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