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February 12, 2010 at 5:12 PMComments: 2 Faves: 1

Want to Turn Heads? Studies Say Wear Red!

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This Author

What is it about the color red? Love, lust, and passion just don't seem to fit the same with any other color, and now, studies prove it.

According to researchers in Rochester, New York, wearing this fiery shade can make any woman more sexually attractive.

In the first experiment, photographs of women were simply framed in color or white. To make sure that color was the only variable, colors were equated in saturation and brightness levels. Daniela Niesta, co-author of the study, explains, "That way the test results could not be attributed to differences other than hue." Men viewing these photographs were simply asked to rate their attractiveness.

In the second study, researchers took this a step farther and digitally altered the color the women were wearing using identical photographs. Again, precautions were made to ensure only hue was the only variable - however, in this study, men were asked to not only rate the women's attractiveness but to answer questions regarding the men's attraction to them. Questions included how much they would like to kiss them, how much they would like to have sex with them, and how much money they would spend on a date with them.

In each experiment, whether wearing the color or simply framed by it, women became significantly more attractive and desirable to men when they used the color red. However, women who were asked to rate the same photos showed no preference for any color.

Whatever the reason women wearing red were more attractive men, more likely to be asked on a date, and  more desirable kissing partners, and men were willing to spend more money on them. That's good news for ladies. It seems a boost in your evening is just a clothes change away!


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  • It's really sad that guys are this simple and predictable.

  • hahaha.... it's not that exactly. :) It's just that men are wired differently than women in regards to attraction and sexuality.

    Way, way back when things were a lot harder for us, it was important that men be able find a woman was healthy and able to bear children, while for women, it was more important that find a man that could protect and support them and their offspring. It just happens to be that the things men needed to look for were more physical and the things women needed to look for were less so. Men that were best at detecting fertility signals, passed on those genes, resulting in attraction that is fueled by very specific things. Women's sexuality on the other hand, is much more... flexible? It's much more "learned" and experience based than a man's.

    Now... why picking out the color red was something that was passed down over generations is a real question. Some scientists have pointed out certain primates whose... bottoms... turn red when they are fertile as the possible source of the "red effect", but it's just a hypothesis.

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