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Treatment method for discharging flue gas when charcoal kiln burns charcoal — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 23, 2019 at 10:25 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Treatment method for discharging flue gas when charcoal kiln burns charcoal


For large machine-made charcoal manufacturers, they still prefer to use older carbonization methods to burn machine-made charcoal-charcoal kiln carbonization. Compared to environmentally friendly carbonization furnaces,charcoal kilninvestment is much less. However, when charcoal kiln burns charcoal, there is a large amount of smoke generated, which causes great harm to the environment. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of charcoal machine equipment, we also actively discuss and research with customers, our factory technicians and installation trainers from the customer's point of view, and finally conclude a good way to burn charcoal flue gas emissions from charcoal kiln:

1. Water immersion: The water immersion method is to let the flue gas pass through the sedimentation of the pool. This method needs to build a pool next to the charcoal making machine equipment, and introduce the flue gas of the charcoal kiln or thecarbonization furnaceinto the bottom of the pool through the fan and the pipeline, due to the water. The specific heat is large, the wood tar produced by the charcoal kiln in the process of walking in the pool water, the resulting wood tar and wood vinegar will be quickly condensed and sink into the water, a small amount of wood gas will be discharged from the water surface. This will reduce the amount of fumes released from the charcoal kiln by more than half.

Note: The principle of this method of water immersion is actually condensation rather than dissolution. Except for a small amount of water lost by evaporation, the rest can be used repeatedly, and the sediment deposited on the bottom of the water needs to be removed regularly.

2, chimney series, centralized discharge: This method is relatively simple, there is no technical content, low cost investment, such as the high smoke outlets we often see in the factory is this principle. The flue gas of the charcoal kiln or the carbonization furnace is introduced into the large chimney through the public flue and is concentrated in the high altitude. When using this method, the connecting pipe between the individual flue and the public flue is removed at the initial stage and the end of the carbonization to observe the charcoal. The change of kiln smoke.

3. Condensation recovery: The cost of condensing recovery is relatively high, but wood tar and wood vinegar can be recovered. This kind of investment cost is relatively large, and new equipment needs to be added: condensation tower and separation tank. If you want higher purity wood tar and wood vinegar, you need to make a large investment in equipment to improve, for the general charcoal factory. The cost of recycling is obviously too high.

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